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  1. Theres a few members here that are like democrat lite. When there was talk about doing away with the foid, some members here didn’t agree cause then how would they know they sold their firearms to good guys. They also went above what the law was to do a ftf sale.
  2. Yeah but thats a lot different than requiring a copy of a foid. You can check the foid at pickup, no?
  3. Its never been required to give a copy if your foid. I don’t know why people here want more info then required. By law, all that was needed was name, dob and foid number.
  4. I’m curious how you were able to sbr a ps90 in IL.
  5. I applaud anyone that can debate these people while they sit there and lie thru their teeth and play stupid like the constitution doesn’t matter.
  6. I’m trying to find a renewal class near lockport il during the week and it seems most are in the weekend. I’d prefer a morning class. I found tsi has some but won’t be till like the end of october or november, can’t remember. Is there an updated instructor class list somewhere?
  7. How up to date is this list? I need a renewal and most places are weekend only and I’d like to do it during the morning around the lockport area.
  8. Members here gladly gave up that info even before they even started asking for it.
  9. I doubt all this ghost gun nonsense is pretty made up by law enforcement to pass these laws. I’m sure some are found but not widespread like they make it out to be. Theres no shortage of straw purchases being made. I see no point in paying the same price for an 80 percent in the eyes of a criminal. In the end of the day, its not about keeping the streets safe. If they wanted to do that, they would keep violent criminals locked up instead of letting them go with a light sentence.
  10. You mean the guy they hired from chicago. Yeah, were gonna just believe him and take his word for it. Sorry, they are just planting the seeds for not having any guns not tied to a 4473. Why do you think they were so hard on for “universal background checks”? It was never about reducing crime but just taking away from the 2nd amendment cake.
  11. I’m just going by what they are writing. They don’t want you to serialise it. They want an ffl to do it and “record” and by that they probably mean a 4473 in your name.
  12. You can’t just serialise it. They want a 4473 to go with it. They just don’t want any guns off of the books. If it was for the reasons they describe, why wouldn’t they let us grandfather any we have and let us put a serial number on it without “recording it”.
  13. It may not be the worst bill but it is bad. Don’t think for a second they wouldn’t abuse that law.
  14. Lol and to think, members liked having foids here a few years ago. Something about, how would you know if the guy you’re selling to is a good guy. I would always say that its been working for a ton of states. Its the 2nd amendment cake. They keep taking slices till were left with no cake.
  15. you should be doing everyone's renewals must be that new laptop back in 5 weeks...wow if everyone's came back in 5 weeks this forums would be blank/empty I was surprised as well.
  16. It took a little over 5 weeks for my renewal to show up. Renewed sept 17 and got it today.
  17. Its possible theres people out there with the same name and last name. I forget but theres a bunch of people out there with my name and last name. The only thing that changes is the birthdate. I honestly don’t understand when IL has their own system. I honestly think they’re just going off of nics and pocketing the funds designated for the IL system cause theres no way there should be a delay with the way “the foid system is suppose to work”.
  18. So you’re telling me will county is behind cook on how many ccw carriers there is?
  19. Same question! Looking to get a beretta 71 from sog.
  20. Molly , we all appreciate what you do for us but we shouldn't have to rely on you or anyone else to resolve such a simple problem. The person at ISP who was contacted should have resolved this with no further problems arising. We shouldn't have to jump through 100's of hoops to straighten out something so simple. Sorry for my little rant but I get red in the face every time I read a story such as this. Thank you Molly for being in our corner and going to bat for us all. +1 A right delayed is a right denied. This Robin person is either anti gun or is brain dead in my opinion. People like that don't even have to be antigun, they are just lazy or don't care.
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