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  1. Lol and to think, members liked having foids here a few years ago. Something about, how would you know if the guy you’re selling to is a good guy. I would always say that its been working for a ton of states. Its the 2nd amendment cake. They keep taking slices till were left with no cake.
  2. So were suppose to take their word for it that they keep recovering ghost guns? Lol sure.
  3. How is that possible when isp isn’t “suppose” to hold records.
  4. Slamfire is a mechanical malfunction, therefore not reckless. Recklessness is willful disregard for the safety of others. You can't willfully have a malfunction. (Although you should always point the muzzle in a safe direction. There's some kind of rule about that....)My gripe is how people play fast and loose with "accidental" versus "negligent." When someone pulls the trigger of a loaded firearm, that's not an accident. It may be stupid, but it's also purposeful.I mean anyone should know that. Thats what I meant. Say the cops show up and you tell them what happened. You think theyll believe you? Theyll think you pulled the trigger. Thats also why I put accidental in quotes. I bet most of those calls are of people that did pull the trigger. When I clean my handgun and do anything. Ill check it more then once even if I know its empty just as a habit.
  5. Heres the story https://patch.com/illinois/plainfield/man-accidentally-fired-gun-while-outside-cleaning-it-sheriff
  6. I was reading the patch and theres a story of a guy in plainfield that accidently fired his handgun while cleaning it. He got charged with reckless discharge. I didnt know reckless discharge was an instant felony. While rare, what happens if you get a slamfire? Bam, you lose your second amendment right? Ive read of police officers here in IL that went the same way and I dont remember them being charged with that. Is there any way to fight that in court. I imagine if noone got hurt and you have a clean record that depending on the circumstances that they might let you slide with something less severe.
  7. Even people here in the forum want to go above what the law requires. Is your vp9 optics ready? Have you tried posting it here in the for sale section?
  8. What about the seller? Does the buyer have to provide that info? I remember it being just name, dob, and foid number.
  9. Don’t know if true but I read he took it from a police officer.
  10. Not really. I’ve heard of people having instant approval before being delayed and vice versa.
  11. IH8IL

    P90 SBR

    Oal is because of IL, not federal.
  12. IH8IL

    P90 SBR

    To add to that, even in stock configuration, the ps90 is a little over 26 inches stock. 26.2 I think. So you’re going to have to add the same amount that you’re taking off.
  13. IH8IL

    P90 SBR

    Ps90 is no go here. I think even with that flash hider, its under 20 inches and then those spacers are 4.
  14. Yet, after adding suicides to the statistics in order to bolster their arguments, they don't want to talk about mental health issues.Of course cause its not about saving lives. If they tried to help those with mental health issues, they would do a lot more for people.
  15. Its not about that. If you take away suicides and police shootings, you’re left with very little gun crime. Take away gang shootings and you’re left with nothing really.
  16. you should be doing everyone's renewals must be that new laptop back in 5 weeks...wow if everyone's came back in 5 weeks this forums would be blank/empty I was surprised as well.
  17. It took a little over 5 weeks for my renewal to show up. Renewed sept 17 and got it today.
  18. Its possible theres people out there with the same name and last name. I forget but theres a bunch of people out there with my name and last name. The only thing that changes is the birthdate. I honestly don’t understand when IL has their own system. I honestly think they’re just going off of nics and pocketing the funds designated for the IL system cause theres no way there should be a delay with the way “the foid system is suppose to work”.
  19. So you’re telling me will county is behind cook on how many ccw carriers there is?
  20. Same question! Looking to get a beretta 71 from sog.
  21. Molly , we all appreciate what you do for us but we shouldn't have to rely on you or anyone else to resolve such a simple problem. The person at ISP who was contacted should have resolved this with no further problems arising. We shouldn't have to jump through 100's of hoops to straighten out something so simple. Sorry for my little rant but I get red in the face every time I read a story such as this. Thank you Molly for being in our corner and going to bat for us all. +1 A right delayed is a right denied. This Robin person is either anti gun or is brain dead in my opinion. People like that don't even have to be antigun, they are just lazy or don't care.
  22. As far as I know, there is a grace period. I don't know how long but you can't be charged within a certain time frame.
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