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  1. I asked our state rep at the time (Mike Unes) that very question a few years back. He told me, after consulting ISP, you can carry one or one hundred, as long as they are concealed.
  2. I've got a friend I'm helping with her CCL renewal. She's recently divorced and just got her name change done with SOS. Looking at the ISP FAQs, it appears I can't do a name change for her when I do her renewal, gotta do it separate. Are they gonna charge her for the name change separate, and then charge her for the renewal? Seems a bit shady that you can do an address change with a renewal and save $75 but not a name change. Am I missing something? Just trying to save her some $
  3. We've had a couple wyze cameras up for not quite a month. So far, so good.....not the best, but it's certainly better than what we had before, which was nothing at all. Will likely add more.
  4. Ryan Powers, listed as being in Canton, is now in Pekin. Don't know address. One of my CCW students spoke very highly of him.
  5. I've been reading this post, some of it I get, some is clear as mud. My partner and I have an approved curriculum. We are teaching NRA BP on day 1, and covering legal and the range qual, drills, etc. on day 2. If we provide students with an NRA BP 8 hour certificate, and an ISP 8 hour certificate, we're good, right? While we are frustrated with the constant changes, we appreciate the info that Molly and others provide. What we don't want is a "gotcha" moment from ISP when we know for a fact we've been teaching everything required and then some. One more question....how are you guys documenting active military?
  6. Just read the decision, and I gotta say, I haven't had that much fun since I read "McDonald", and "Heller" before that. Congratulations to all involved!
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