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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/08/23/exclusive-sen-joni-ernst-sounds-alarm-over-biden-administration-harassing-gun-owners/
  2. I gotta admit, I'm a little upset with the "swiss cheese for brains" analogy. I LOVE swiss cheese on turkey. Don't know that I'll ever be able to look at swiss cheese the same again😁
  3. IDOC? If so, I might be able to help. There was a change in the statute recently, which allowed C/O's to keep their employment without a FOID if they were deemed to not be a threat to themselves or others. I've got a DOC contact working on getting the statute for me.
  4. 1. Sure. No reason not to, unless you want to wait until it's a bit warmer. 2. No expiration on certificates, but you'll want to renew and upload your recert certificate prior to your CCW expiration date. 3. I would wait until after. It's been my experience that the ISP site has frequent issues, so the less time I spend on it, the better 😉. Also, unless they've changed it, ISP won't allow you to start the renewal process until you're within 90 days of expiring. 4. Assuming you did electronic prints the first time, thru an authorized live scan vendor, you won't need to do them again
  5. Has anyone seen a copy of "Administrative Rules adopted December 21, 2021?" Did any other instructor receive an E-mail about the rules change from ISP?
  6. Agreed, it's just really annoying when they change rules, and say nothing to the instructors about it.
  7. Anybody seen the rule change(s) that went into effect Dec. 21, 2021 regarding CCW renewals and covid, as referenced on the CCW FAQs page? https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Faq.aspx
  8. Sent the wife's CCW renewal off to ISP on March 14, 2021. Been under review ever since.
  9. Ryan Powers, listed as being in Canton, is now in Pekin. Don't know address. One of my CCW students spoke very highly of him.
  10. Boondock Tactical is about 40 miles west/southwest in Fulton County, 13 miles west of Canton, and we are doing renewal classes.
  11. I've been reading this post, some of it I get, some is clear as mud. My partner and I have an approved curriculum. We are teaching NRA BP on day 1, and covering legal and the range qual, drills, etc. on day 2. If we provide students with an NRA BP 8 hour certificate, and an ISP 8 hour certificate, we're good, right? While we are frustrated with the constant changes, we appreciate the info that Molly and others provide. What we don't want is a "gotcha" moment from ISP when we know for a fact we've been teaching everything required and then some. One more question....how are you guys documenting active military?
  12. This will be post #2645 in this thread. Are you kidding me?
  13. Just read the decision, and I gotta say, I haven't had that much fun since I read "McDonald", and "Heller" before that. Congratulations to all involved!
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