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  1. Then maybe it's time for ISRA/IC to start advising attorneys/people in this situation to make the following statement in court once the person is approved... "Your honor, based on researching for this case, it appears that even after receiving court orders the ISP continues to delay the issuance of cards due to their claim that "there is no time frame to process appeals or court orders". We respectfully request that the state be given a 30 day deadline as written in the FOID act, and that they be considered in contempt if they fail to do so."
  2. As far as previous discussion here, firearms are NOT permitted on the property of VA medical facilities whatsoever.......no parking lot provisions
  3. The liquor store confusion stems from Chicago requiring ANYONE with a liquor license to post......
  4. Wasn't there a case here in Illinois that dealt with a ban in public housing......Winbigler? Wouldn't the same apply to parks being publicly owned just like public housing?
  5. This is for the new store they're building adjacent to the Hammond Cabelas...... Which sucks......on more than one occasion I was able to get a few boxes of 22lr from the store that this one is probably going to replace on my way out to Cabelas
  6. Dizzy, go to the members section here and send private messages to tvandermyde and molly brown...
  7. Applied 3-21 (evening) NO prints Active 6-27 (evening) 98 days / 3mo 6 days anxiously awaiting delivery
  8. Ok, so here we go.....in summary.... On Wednesday January 15th Walmart Corporate Legal sent an email to Illinois store managers directing them to remove the signs..... This action was confirmed by Illinois Carry member wtr100 in an email from Steven Graves, Market Asset Protection Manager, Market 38 / Indiana Market 34 / Central IL If you happen to find a Walmart posted please bring this to the attention of the store management. Per post #882 and 886 Thank you again for your input on this issue, we have directed our clubs to remove all signage in Illinois. I have asked that all my clubs remove the signage by close of business today. If you are in the Peoria facility and see this signage please let me know and I will correct it. Again, I appreciate your input in this matter, we believe communication between our clubs and members is the key to making your experience and our clubs better. Steven Graves Market Asset Protection Manager Market 38 / Indiana Market 34 / Central IL
  9. Between pie, coffee, 9mm vs 45, post counts and fat ladies it's been fun.......BUT Can we get someone in the know to summarize the take down order like this so we can bring it to a managers attention if we find a WM still posted?... On XXX date at XXX time WM regional/district manager (Insert name here) sent an order to store managers ordering the removal of "no firearms carry" signs..... Feel free to contact XXX to clarify ..... Copies of the actual communication would probably help, too...... Maybe a sticky?
  10. Yeah, but there's no guarantee that someone will be behind the counter to buzz you out
  11. If my memory serves me correctly there was just a ruling as to the constitutionality of stop & frisk as related to NYPD.........yep....first article in SCC link below..... http://secondcitycop...ch?q=stop frisk http://www.nytimes.c...ronx.html?_r=2
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