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  1. Ok need your help once more. The sales manager agreed to remove the sticker if people want him to. This is an easy one. I quick, polite, simple email is all it will take. " I was interested in buying a Kia but I wouldn't consider your location because of the no gun sticker on the service door." erik@dealer-care.com This is for the Acura/Kia dealer in Elmhurst Thanks so much guys.
  2. Hilton in Oak Brook Hills recently posted. I really think we can change this one. Would you mind sending a short, message Hilton_Direct_RFP@hilton.com
  3. State Rep Kathleen Willis supports sanctuary City for illegals but opposes sanctuary counties for the 2nd Amendment.
  4. I wouldnt answer the door if they came back. I would also invest in a good dash cam for your car and your wife.
  5. The service manager at the Elmhurst Kia service center thinks Im the only person that objects to the no gun sticker. The main entrance, the sales entrance, the Acura side all have no signs. Only the Kia service side. Spoke to the service manager and he probably thinks Im the only one that wont do business with them. If you care to send a quick friendly, no guns no business note click here http://www.napletonkia.com/contact.htm
  6. Cant understand the logic behind hospitals being posted. If you get into a situation with a bad guy and end up at the nearest hospital I would like for security to be well armed simce I nor a family member can be. Ive never seen security at The hospital and clinics near me.
  7. So disappointed the Planet Fitness in Melrose Park which was one of the few that didnt post is now posted. New franchisee and no way to contact them directly.
  8. I talked to the district manager of the O'Reilly's autoparts store about deposting. He did at the Hillside location but said all of the chicago locations are required to post per chicago. What the heck? Why? They dont sell liquor. I didnt follow up yet because he isnt over the chicago stores.
  9. I agree 100% my doctors office and kids doctors office are not posted. And I try to do most government stuff online. Kinda neat finding out how much you can get done without going in such as ordering BirthCertificate, Drivers license renewal, plate sticker etc As far as restaurants and stuff, after getting my permit im actually happier with the new places I have found to eat and movie theater, etc. One reason is because of the reward points from being loyal to non posted places.
  10. Buffalo wild wings at least 2 of the locations I visited. One in elmhurst the other in Elk Grove have removed the state standard sign and put up a transparent sign saying Buffalo Wild Wings bans guns On a happy note we now have reciprocity with minnesota, woot
  11. Every enterprise is posted i believe, every one I have seen is posted in the same location. Bottom of the door. So they offer to pick you up, what if they pick you up, you arrive to rent your car and cant go in? Have them take you back home I suppose
  12. You are not saving money by letting it go on your record, your insurance rates will go up when it comes time for renewal
  13. You are supposed to look up every place to find out if it is considered a museum or not
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