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  1. State Rep Kathleen Willis supports sanctuary City for illegals but opposes sanctuary counties for the 2nd Amendment.
  2. I wouldnt answer the door if they came back. I would also invest in a good dash cam for your car and your wife.
  3. You are not saving money by letting it go on your record, your insurance rates will go up when it comes time for renewal
  4. So far reciprocity Eliminated the point of me getting an Arizona permit
  5. whoa, that is way cool, apart from this it is next to impossible to get a permit to go to Vegas. Yay
  6. I wonder if they are tired of hearing from Gura on 2nd amendment cases
  7. Ok so did all of the Walmart posted signs come down or what Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  8. Good, I didnt feel like driving to Pennsylvania when mine experied
  9. thats too bad because the one in dupage closest to cook sells a ton of ammo.
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