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  1. Sorry guys. I got a ticket today for speeding and was wondering if it had any bearing on FOID status. I'm only asking because IL seems to be pretty strict about FOID. When I was 18 I got my license suspended for a year for having too many speeding tickets. I'm 26 now and this is actually my first ever ticket since I was 18. I know it's a stupid question but I just wanted to make sure.
  2. 17 over. First ticket in like over 5 years. I doubt it but it was just something I was wondering about because I'm thinking about just paying the lower fine and have it go on my driving record instead of paying the higher fine + 4 hours driving class and have it not go on my record.
  3. Nothing. I think when I canceled the mail forwarding it didn't take effect right away and it probably got sent back to them. Do you think they're going to resend it again? Because this would be the second time that it got sent back to them.
  4. Thanks. Mine is actually printed, it just got sent back. I guess I'll expect it Saturday or Monday.
  5. As of 4/14 my FOID card was active. The problem is that I had a temporary mail forward active (temporarily staying at my girlfriend's house because she had surgery and I can take care of her easier this way). I found out on 4/28 that it was resent to the Illinois State Police because the USPS doesn't forward government letters. I explained to the guy that I had a temporary mail forward active and that I'll have it canceled and he can resend it. He said he will resend it that same day, and I immediately went on the USPS website and canceled the mail forwarding, and I'm assuming that the cancellation is immediate (I even got an e-mail confirming the cancellation right away, but it didn't specify how long until it takes effect). I figured it would only take a couple days to arrive since it's "local" mail, but it has not arrived yet. Now I know what you're thinking .. it's only been 2 days since they resent it .. but I'm a little worried that the mail forwarding hasn't been out of the system when they were sorting the letter, and I'm afraid it might get resent to the ISP again. My question: do any of you have a clue how long the delivery time is? Second question: once I found out that I got approved for a FOID and that it was on the way I saw that gander mountain had the gun I wanted on sale so I bought it and had it shipped to the store .. does the 72 hour wait period start when I paid for the gun, or will it start when I go to the store and fill out the paperwork?
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