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  1. I have a friend that has that same situation. He tried to order some ammo from an on-line company. He ended up having to place the order over the phone since his FOID address wasn't an exact match to his DL. He got the ammo, he just had to have a person involved rather than the computer.
  2. IANAL but it seems preemption applies when the ordinance contradicts the state law, this doesn't appear to me to contradict. If given a choice between an ordinance violation ticket or a misdemeanor arrest, I'll take the ticket.
  3. Can you show where that is on a map for the rest of us? https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/which-states-borde-illinois.html
  4. Well since no one else has mentioned it, we share a border with Michigan and they have a License to Purchase (LTP).
  5. That's a big list. Could you give a Top 10? I have done those in the Call To Action, plus HB787 HB2495 HB2535 HB2623 HB3904 HB3937
  6. I applied on October 12, 2020 using my CCL renewal. No NRA number. They contacted me that I forgot to include my fingerprint processing fee but did not mention a problem with the certificate. I'm still waiting for the license. I returned from Florida yesterday.
  7. Spring loaded knives i.e. autos are legal if you have a FOID card. There are automatic knives, which require a FOID, and assisted opening knives, which do not. https://knife-depot.com/pages/switchblade-vs-assisted-opening-knives
  8. I recall a man picking up his daughter at Elmhurst College was arrested a couple of years ago.
  9. BREAKING: ATF Issues Cease And Desist For Honey Badger Pistol Firearms Manufacturer Q LLC announced today that it was issued a Cease and Desist by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. The ATF’s letter notified Q that the Honey Badger pistol is now considered a Short barreled rifle (SBR) and ordered them to immediately cease production of the firearm unless it is registered on an ATF Form 2, declaring that they are manufacturing an NFA weapon. More at link. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/10/06/honey-badger-pistol-2/
  10. I carry both. Mostly because sometimes I carry an automatic knife which requires a FOID. It's unclear whether the CCL covers that.
  11. Knife Rights’ Illinois Switchblade Ban Repeal Signed! Effective Immediatelyhttps://kniferights.org/legislative-update/knife-rights-illinois-switchblade-ban-repeal-signed-effective-immediately/
  12. Florida will not honor the Illinois license. Here is the answer straight from the Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Good afternoon, No, Florida will not be recognizing the Illinois concealed carry license. Let me to explain the reasons for this. Under Florida law, we will honor the concealed weapon licenses issued by another state provided that authorities in the other state meet one condition: they must agree to honor concealed weapon licenses issued by the state of Florida. (This essential condition is set forth in section 790.015(4), which reads as follows: "This section applies only to nonresident concealed weapon or concealed firearm license holders from states that honor Florida concealed weapon or concealed firearm licenses.") Florida imposes no other condition as a basis for reciprocity with another state. Once we receive acknowledgment from authorities in that other state, we automatically reciprocate. Unfortunately, the state of Illinois does not honor concealed weapon licenses issued by any other state. There is an FAQ on the Illinois State Police's webpage (http://www.isp.state.il.us/foid/firearmsfaq.cfm) that specifically addresses this issue. That being the case, Illinois does not satisfy the basic condition that would allow Florida to honor Illinois licenses. If I can be of further service, please get back in touch with me at your convenience. Ken Wilkinson Assistant Director Division of Licensing Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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