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  1. carefull of the Buttstock…. Indeed. Don't let your barrel enter the breach.
  2. The more people I hear about finally getting their CCL's, it looks like 15 to 16 months is the average number, or about 500 days. That's about as long as it took to get mine too.
  3. My CCL pic is the one from my old DL and not from my new DL. Interesting. I wonder if that will be a problem.
  4. Have we sent in an inquiry for you? Have not sent an inquiry yet. It's good to know that we can do this though. I have some friends who have been waiting just a bit longer than me and they are now finally getting their renewal CCL's, so I'm hoping I'm going to be next soon. Let's wait one more month or so and see what happens. If I still don't have it at around the 500 day mark, then we should probably do an inquiry.
  5. I'm at 445 days and I'm still "under review" for my renewal. At this point, I don't think I'll ever see a new card.
  6. 101 days with no prints? That would be considered a record, even before the pandemic. Interesting.
  7. It's unconstitutional after just one second, let alone a day. We shouldn't need permits to exercise a constitutionally protected civil right.
  8. Go to Woodmans. Not anti-2A, no silly arrows on the floor and all the entrances are open.
  9. I'm now officially at the 1 year point for my CCL renewal. I took the class this time last year and submitted my renewal. I still don't have my CCL and the status still says "under review". I'm glad new applicants are getting theirs at least, but I'd really like my renewal. I travel a lot and my current card shows expired.
  10. So since it was a clerical error on the state's part, will the state pay your attorney's fees?
  11. I know it's a personal issue but what kind of traffic related issue....if you don't mind explaining. If you DO mind just say so and not big deal, I didn't mean to pry. I'm just kind of nervous as to what kind of trivial traffic related nonsense can get my license yanked. I'm curious as well. It seems absurd that a traffic ticket can cause you to lose your gun rights (but not surprised in this state). I'd like to know the details.
  12. "I had a gun waved in my face by them but trespassing is what matters?" You had a gun waved in your face BECAUSE you were trespassing.
  13. I think this might be the video that you're talking about. https://twitter.com/alexiszotos/status/1277607426934616065?s=20 Yup, that's the one. So apparently the gate really was destroyed at a later time.
  14. There was a picture of the gate being destroyed, but I'm not sure when that happened. I saw video where the rioters were coming through the gate and it was still on its hinges and intact, so it's possible the gate was broken later. Still, weren't the rioters threatening the couple? Taking into consideration all the looting, burning and damage they were causing over the previous days, wouldn't it be prudent for the McCloskey's to assume the same might happen to them once the rioters got through the gate and into their private neighborhood? They took a defensive stance with their firearms to mitigate any trouble and it seemed to work. Nothing they did was illegal IMO.
  15. Yes, out of state people have more firearms rights in IL than actual IL residents do... Go figure.
  16. That's interesting and it means that my county is probably a sanctuary. Is there a master list somewhere which shows exactly which counties are 2A sanctuaries?
  17. Wouldn't this be considered an ex post facto law? You're perfectly legal one day, then they create this law which instantly makes you a criminal. Then they come to take away your civil rights and confiscate your legally owned property without due process. Are we living in China now?
  18. All good things must come to an end, this thread included. Let's put it out of its misery.
  19. Every FOID I've ever received has only been good for 5 years. How are you guys getting 10 year FOID's?
  20. I'm guessing that there is no way the FOID will be struck down. The powers that be won't let that happen and somehow successfully argue that it's constitutional, or should be allowed since they've had it for over 50 years. If anything, the FOID might be declared not necessary for that one elderly woman and that's about it. They will force the rest of us to have one.
  21. I would imagine if they can pass the NICS, then they could get their gun. No FOID or other nonsense required.
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