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  1. No, not an April Fools. lol... I still won't hold my breath for any border states to be approved without the state kicking and screaming. Have a great night all!
  2. Where are you seeing this? Same place where you can't seem to see Checklist on the Illinois CCL page.
  3. New Mexico has been added as of 5/20/2014. Congratulations to any citizens of New Mexico.
  4. In Illinois, nothing surprises me. They make up their own rules/definitions. I might add, the "ignore" button is at the top right, by clicking on your screen name, and then entering the annoying person/s who add nothing to the discussion. For those who didn't know. Have a great night all!
  5. Virginia is back on again. It was off for a couple hours.... :shrugs: Doesn't help the majority of legal citizens anyways. I personally doubt they'll be many, if any more added this year.
  6. Virginia has been taken off the list as of 5:00p.m. 4/29/2014. Not sure of the reason.
  7. Congratulations to South Carolina residents! You may now apply for a non-resident Illinois CCL.
  8. Congratulations to everyone! Please carry responsibly and enjoy yourselves! If anyone is in the Quad Cities area and ever would like to do a bit of shooting, fee free to pm myself. I belong to Milan Rifle Club and always enjoy showing the place off. Or, if you're already a member there, let me know!
  9. Not sure what this means...? Just stating that if a non-resident gets arrested for legally carrying a firearm while in their vehicle, it's going to result in a big payday for said person.
  10. Looks like Illinois wants to make another big payday to a non-resident.
  11. I believe MollyValinda may be asking for information pertaining to out-of-state residents. As of January 30, Hawaii is it folks.
  12. A bump to ensure people are aware that non-residents are not allowed to apply for a CCL. Have a great day all!
  13. I don't see Indiana. I'm hoping one of these good bills coming out gets passed. I really, REALLY want another license to carry.
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