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  1. If y'all haven't read the amicus brief by Zanotti, Umholtz, et al, you should. Is a powerful presentation.
  2. I have seen cases of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL. I have not seen any cases of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL = RETROACTIVELY REVOKED FOID. I would very much like to see the specifics if you can share in a private message. Will do. I'll try to get copies and email them to you.
  3. If the ISRA hadn't been asleep *for five YEARS* the revelations of $28,000,000 missing from the FOID/CCL/FSF would have been a pertinent inclusion to the case, plus the outrageous scheme of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL = RETROACTIVELY REVOKED FOID!!!
  4. It's beginning to heat up again, my inboxes have been busy with info requests. I hope the Virginians are a catalyst, and they seem to be: two counties each in Kentucky and Tennessee passed theirs this week already.
  5. This mornings's count in Virginia: 103 86% of counties, cities, and towns in the state.
  6. That video had over 150,000 views in 24 hours. Somebody is paying attention.
  7. Around 85 of the 95 counties in VA are now 2a sanctuaries, and many of the 30+ municipalities. The legislature is threatening (VA HB67) to arrest any police officer who refuses to comply and enforce whatever laws are passed. County board meetings have been attended by 3,000+ citizens in some cases, and there is a great deal of anger and outrage. Some boards authorized county funds to go toward local militia training and equipment. VCDL Lobby Day looks to have 10,000-50,000 in attendance. Gonna get sporty.
  8. Ordinarily, I'd suspect that the board appointments are empty, but Jeremy Margolis' bio on his law firm's site lists him as current chair of the review board. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're meeting and reviewing anything, though.Interesting, it appears that Jeremy is still sporting his ISP lapel in pin on his official bio pic.
  9. That and more is in Rep Willis HB0096 floor amendment filed yesterday. FOID card good for 5 years. Apps apply in person at State Police facility, etc.Keep an eye on that one...word is they may be trying to push that through ASAP.
  10. Good for Shawna! It looks like she had half the L.E. in Wabash County speak in her favor.
  11. Good to see this moving forward. It seems to be some of the more poorly thought out parts of the law.
  12. It's awesome ! A big smiling happy face, not a scowling, bloodthirsty 'Kill em All' look in thee least. My compliments, sir !
  13. Paypal sent for $160. I can pick it up from Molly when it gets shipped down. We'll go with what we have if needed, but having reviewed a draft, we like what we see. Having Massad Ayoob's approval....although I don't agree with everything he says.... is a very nice touch.
  14. Be very cautious, the footnote to Paragraph 22 states, in part, "...neither the Firearms Concealed Carry Act nor the amended AUUW statute is at issue in this case." Paragraph 21 is powerful though.
  15. Sidewinder, kudos for all your labor. I know you put a ton of work in on this. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. JJ
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