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Can't login to ispfsb concealed carry section


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Also received a status change email yesterday.  I was unable to log in last night but was able to just now.


Hubby & I received our renewed CCL on 3/28/22.  I then checked the portal and our FOID expiration had not changed (was 10/172028).  Our print date of CCL was 3/22/22.   


When I was able to log in today they had changed the CCL print date to 4/4/22 and the FOID expiration to 4/4/32.



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I, like these other folks, received the same e-mail yesterday, concerning my FOID and CCL cards.  I tried to log in and got the same notification.  Only problem:  I am no longer an Illinois resident, haven’t been for two years now.  After moving, I dutifully sent our cards to Springfield, and informed them of our move.  Makes me wonder if their “system “ is up to date.  Is this just another reason why Illinois citizens are left in limbo concerning their FOID and CCL cards?   Hopefully, it’s just a major software error, and not indicative of another problem with the ridiculous wait times and situations concerning ISP and the firearms bureau.  No reason on earth why it is fraught with problems.  Why can’t Illinois be like surrounding states and issue licenses in a timely manner?  I have my own opinion, but it doesn’t concern me anymore.  To my former fellow citizens of Illinois:  I feel for you and wish it wasn’t this way, but moving out is your best alternative.

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