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  1. In the comments section of Lake & McHenry County Scanner Facebook page some said it was a bully breed but don't know if that is true or not. Pretty impressed that almost all comments support the CCL holder.
  2. Don't recall reading about this back in April: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2021/09/21/no-charges-to-be-filed-after-dog-fatally-shot-by-horse-rider-on-trail-in-libertyville/
  3. Just to clarify dogs can be trained to alert on any odor. So yes, they can be trained to alert to guns (gunpowder or even Hoppe's #9). A dog's reward for finding/alerting to the odor is a toy, food or praise. NOT addiction to the drug. Have been in the industry for several decades and this was the procedure even in the "olden days".
  4. Either you are being facetious or you are ignorant on the way that dogs are trained to alert to odors.
  5. Just renewed mine & my husbands Sunday morning (5/2). Miraculously I was able to do both of them with no problems. Laptop using Firefox.
  6. I used to buy quite a bit of Cabela's branded clothing, boots & home goods. Not anymore. I bought their Snowrunner hiking/winter boots every year. They have stopped making them. I have one more brand new pair in it's box and then it's time to look for something else.
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