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  1. There were a couple posts on the Lake/McHenry Scanner Facebook page that alluded to that -- another side to the story.
  2. Exactly how many firearms are in an arsenal???? More than one? Judge denies bond reduction for militia member accused of threatening to kill people, found with arsenal of guns near Grayslake
  3. Hubby and I just got back. Election judge said the previous record for midterms was 198. I was number 257 and there were people in line behind me. We also have a school referendum that would hike our property taxes.
  4. Did anyone else think it was kind of weird that the sheriff was calling it a backdrop? Was he meaning to say backstop? Don't think I have ever heard anyone describe a proper shooting area like that. I'm facetiously thinking a Kane county resident could put up a backdrop of a rural setting in their in town little backyard & be OK to target shoot. 😁
  5. Same world of "This is why we can't get a polish sausage at 3am" thread.
  6. If a prospective home buyer gets "triggered" by the thought of guns in the house at least you will have a "safe" space for them. 😁 Ba dum tss. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. Hubby and I plan on moving to Utah or Wyoming in a couple years so I have been checking out homes with acreage online. Not unusual at all to see guns and/or safes in the pictures. Have seen some with nice re-loading rooms or outdoor shooting areas.
  8. Link to the ABC7 Republican debate: https://abc7chicago.com/illinois-republican-governor-candidate-debate-il-gop-richard-ivin-darren-bailey/11915124/ I'm trying to decide between Bailey & Rabine.
  9. Lawsuit filed: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/05/05/lawsuit-filed-against-waukegan-gun-range-after-employee-discharged-gun-severely-injuring-patron/?fbclid=IwAR3McaV32_dicDpBjGOyl7ZpJ7d2qWLLSAWlw0-2gVRJu67QYgsP5SyvEBs
  10. Bailey's response to the attack ads: https://illinoisfamilyaction.org/2022/04/did-you-receive-irvins-attack-mailer-on-bailey/
  11. I second the call your state representative and/or senator. I contacted mine after my CCL renewal sat under "we have not reviewed any aspect" for ten months. Both hubby and I had card in hand within a month after they made an inquiry. Don't know if it was a coincidence or if their inquiry sped things along. It's worth a shot to see if they can find anything out.
  12. It is now part of the "Gun Violence Archive". https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/incident/2269121
  13. Also received a status change email yesterday. I was unable to log in last night but was able to just now. Hubby & I received our renewed CCL on 3/28/22. I then checked the portal and our FOID expiration had not changed (was 10/172028). Our print date of CCL was 3/22/22. When I was able to log in today they had changed the CCL print date to 4/4/22 and the FOID expiration to 4/4/32.
  14. https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/04/02/employee-accidentally-discharges-gun-shooting-himself-and-teenager-at-gun-range-in-waukegan/?fbclid=IwAR3BOUQxiS_Ri7IL_0EP802ZV17KI7LdTBFB87DJSyigg0Bv-yZrcjoG4mo
  15. Hubby and I received cards in today's mail. We renewed on 5/2/21 (no prints). My old card expired 5/23/21. Expiration on portal is 3/22/27. Five years from the printed date. I had contacted my state senator back on February 14, they checked into it and told me that our renewals were in the final stages. However when I checked on 3/22 (coincidentally the printed date) the portal was still showing "We have received your submission and your payment was successful. We have not yet reviewed any aspect of your application. It is in the verification queue."
  16. From Gary Rabine's website. https://rabineforgovernor.com/ Gary Rabine is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, which is really your right to self-defense. He will be a strong advocate for gun rights in Springfield, and will make sure that firearm education is continued throughout Illinois. ‍ He will increase enforcement of existing gun laws to prevent criminals from getting guns and will work to punish the law breakers, not law-abiding citizens.
  17. Yes, there is now a CCL expiration instead of Covid-19. My FOID expiration is good as doesn't expire until 2028. Hubby's CCL renewal is showing same status as mine.
  18. Think this is the wording you are taking about: "We have received your submission and your payment was successful. We have not yet reviewed any aspect of your application. It is in the verification queue." Submitted my renewal on 5/2/21 (renewal certificate, before expiration, no prints). As of today still showing that.
  19. Not government sponsored testing but it sure sounds like government efficiency. https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/01/21/illinois-attorney-general-says-centers-for-testing-control-to-be-shut-down-for-foreseeable-future/?fbclid=IwAR1FL733SwM798hbjg6zJATpOwPxXfoopMiyRIn9l_v1lztbrSAaJyWtyEM “The results, as one former employee described, were chaos, with received samples being stuffed into trash bags strewn across the office floor. Former employees recounted finding samples in bags that were well over 48 hours old, being instructed by management to falsify dates of receipt, and being instructed to lie to consumers about their tests being inconclusive or negative when, in fact, the sample had not been tested,” Ellison added.
  20. Our plan is to move out of Illinois to either Wyoming or Utah when my husband retires from his job (5 years). IF he could find a job out there now we would move immediately although we would have to kidnap my 94 year old mother as she is quite comfortable in her own home with her familiar surroundings. Thinking about buying land (at least 5 acres) now to build on later. Nephew and his girlfriend are moving to a new house in Tennessee this month. She convinced him that TN is a whole lot better/cheaper place to live than Illinois. Both were able to get transfers from their current jobs so it was an easy move. However, I had to give them the "How to vote to preserve it" lecture. Hopefully they heed it.
  21. Just to clarify dogs can be trained to alert on any odor. So yes, they can be trained to alert to guns (gunpowder or even Hoppe's #9). A dog's reward for finding/alerting to the odor is a toy, food or praise. NOT addiction to the drug. Have been in the industry for several decades and this was the procedure even in the "olden days".
  22. Either you are being facetious or you are ignorant on the way that dogs are trained to alert to odors.
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