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Can a judge refuse to return firearms??!


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Hello fellow members, it has been a long time since ive written on the forum. A lot has been going on. Most recently i was tge victim of a shooting but thankfully i am still alive and well today. I am writing a post bc i have been trying to fight for the return of my firearm from cpd after a 2017 false report made against me by a person who wanted to ruin my life. They falsely accused me of pointing my firearm at them which was in a holster on my side waist. Police came and immediately took the older persons side as I was just a young african american male living in the Southside ghetto apparently with a legal firearm which of course chicago police can not allow to go on unanswered. As we all know a young black man with a legal gun in south chicago must be a mistake. They charged me for agg/assault with a firearm. I went to trail and was found NOT GUILTY by the Judge! I was even given a court order by another judge for cpd to return my firearm. However to my surprise the same person who made the false charge to begin with in an attempt to get me put in prison maliciously was able to go to the local civil court house on 555 harrison st and petition for a order of protection against me after he learnt that it would help take away my foid rights. Some how, even though i was found not guilty by a judge in criminal court, even though a different judge in criminal court gave me a order for cpd to return my firearm, the judge in civil court decided to side with the petitioner (my landlord) against me and put the protection order against me taking away my rights for 2yrs!! She even stated that dispite what the other two criminal judges thought, she still believed i was the problem not the malicious landlord who made clear false charges against me. So, fast forward yrs later to now, the previous court order for the return of my firearm is outdated according to cpd as it was made in 2017 prior to the OOP against me. I reached out to the public defenders from the original court room where i was found not guilty in an attempt to ask how i can petition the sitting judge for a new order for cpd to release the firearm. However the defender told me that it would be pointless as the current sitting judge has made it well known that he will NEVER make an order for cpd to return a firearm to any citizen once it has been taken for a criminal case. Regardless of if the defendant is found not guilty! Can a judge do that? I literally already had one judge find me not guilty and that same judge was suppose to make an order for the return of my firearm after telling me to come back in a certain timeframe for that order. When i went back to court that original judge had taken the day off so the judge sitting in her place that day is the one who gave me the order for my firearm to be given back to me. And he wasnt even the judge on the case but even the public defender that helped me that day was present and told the judge how the original judge did state she would make a court order for the return of my firearm since she found me not guilty. So thats 2 judges who believed i deserved to have my firearm returned to me as they have no reason to believe i was a danger to society. But that was in 2017. It was only the civil judge in 555 harrison who totally violated my rights in an attempt to help the corrupt slumlord landlord. My issue now is, can the new sitting judge at the criminal court house refuse to renew my previous court order for the return of my firearm?? Just because he personally feels that noone should be able to get their firearms back even if they were not guilty? It sounds like robbery to me. If police can book you for a crime that they know you will possibly beat just because they know you will NEVER be given back your $700 firearm?? That is robbery. How can a judge refuse to return a persons property If they are found NOT GUILTY for the crime that took the firearm away to begin with? This system we have here is completely corrupted if that is the case. That would give law enforcement the power to keep any and all african american males in Chicago firearms from them even if those men were wrongfully charged out of maliciousness and spite. Whether by their landlord who refused to make apt repairs and so out of spite that you withhold rent and make complaints that get them fines they can just blatantly call 911 and say hey officers this black guy waved his LEGAL firearm at me i fear for my life??!! Now that black male is in jail and facing yrs in prison over thirsty police who only see a black man with a gun and do not even care if its possible the person who made the call was lying. As they say, ill let the judge decide if your innocent. Police do not care if they are ruining your life. Because they know they get your firearm forever i guess whether your innocent or not. Its completely ridiculous. 

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