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Roundtree v WI - Non-violent felon 2A ban


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1. Whether a non-violent felon may bring an as-applied challenge to a state law that permanently denies Second Amendment rights to anyone convicted of a crime denominated as a felony.


2. Whether, in adjudicating a non-violent felon's as-applied challenge to a state dispossession law, the reviewing court may uphold the law without analyzing the particular non-violent felony of which the challenger was convicted.


More than 18 years ago, Petitioner Leevan Roundtree pleaded guilty to two counts of failure to pay child support, a non-violent crime the Wisconsin legislature has denominated a felony. He "was never incarcerated for [these] offense," he "made full restitution by paying what he owed," and he "did not re-offend." ... Nearly 12 years after Petitioner entered those pleas, police found that he kept a revolver and ammunition in his home for self-defense. Consequently, the State charged him with, and he pleaded guilty to, a single count under Wisconsin's firearm dispossession statute....

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