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Fact Check for tonight?


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Trump hit Hitlery with some good points, but missed other opportunities. He did repeat himself a lot. And the moderator was certainly biased in the way he would attack Trump several times, but never Hitlery... I thought it was pretty much a wash...


I just saw it as re-asking questions that were obviously not answered.


The birther question, for example... basically, if it was all quashed back in 2011, why were you still talking about it as early as January of this year? His response in no way answered the question, essentially just claiming that he was able to get the birth certificate back then, with no explanation whatsoever of why he continued to claim Obama was a foreigner when he wasn't.


Lester asked the same question again, and Trump basically gave the exact same response.


I see no reason that a candidate shouldn't be picked on when they're obviously avoiding a question or lying, regardless of who that candidate is.



I agree that Trump avoided answering the questions and got called out for it. But when Hillary did the exact same thing several times, she got a "free pass" from him.

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I'm amazed at how many "fact-checker" websites reported gleefully about Trump, but not a word about Clinton. And some still say (even here) there is no left wing bias in the media..... Really? Jeeesh

Yeah, Hillary flat-out lied big when her well-documented support of TPP came up. And no one called her on it.


But I'm not too worried about this debate, the press has been trying to convince voters for the last 2 months that Trump is literally the next Hitler, so how much damage could this debate do?

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