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  1. We are thinking about the Charleston South Carolina... a $550k house for a SC resident runs about $2,100/year in property tax. And the income tax isn't that much higher than Illinois.
  2. A large hunting knife... surely it was under the 2.5 inches to make it legal in Chicago - he wouldn't want to break Chicago laws.
  3. My last purchase was also from Target Sports - great service and short turn around time.
  4. Thanks for your comments on Target sports. Just ordered from them - ammo shipping today. Estimated delivery is Friday 1/27. I live in downtown Chicago Delivery was only one day late - ordered on the 25th and ammo received on the 28th. Great follow through and good prices.
  5. Thanks for your comments on Target sports. Just ordered from them - ammo shipping today. Estimated delivery is Friday 1/27.
  6. A follow up to Bone Frog Gun Club... A big plus one (+1) for Bone Frog Gun Club. I placed an order for 500 rounds of 9mm on November 1st, it was shipped on November 3rd and it is out for delivery this morning, November 8th – and yes, I live in Chicago. Not only did I receive a notice from UPS that it was out for delivery, I also received an email from Bone Frog Gun Club early this morning that it was out for delivery. In short… great prices and great service!
  7. I placed an order for 500 rounds of 9mm FMJ with http://www.bonefroggunclub.com on Tuesday. Just received an email notice that the package was shipped [uPS Ground] to Chicago today. Great prices and quick turn around.
  8. I'm sorry your favorite vendor is ignorant of the law. This thread has nothing to do with their decision. Have you asked them to specifiy why they changed their mind? Have you done anything to contact their owners and/or upper management to educate them? My guess is no. Freedom Munitions actually did NOT freely ship ammo here all along. If you read back through this thread, you'll see they initially did not, then changed their mind after someone here contacted one of their customer service reps. The reason that was given for the stoppage was that a customer service rep went over the heads of management and should not have. Please stop spreading paranoia. The anti gun politicians love it. Not spreading paranoia, just asking a question... or are questions discouraged on this forum? My favorite? Not quite, only one of 3 that I have used and the other two I will continue to use. Sorry if I asked a question that upset you or any other forum member.
  9. Why would the state care? The idea that we should hide this implies there is something inherently wrong or illegal about what we're doing. Neither is the case. The state of Illinois has never banned internet or mail order ammunition. Their only law is that the you need to have a FOID and the ammo has to deliver to the address on the FOID or the one on your driver's license. Cook County, as far as I know, has no laws banning online or mail order ammo purchases. The only regulation that could be construed as banning online or mail order ammo sales was an old city of Chicago ordinance, which prohibited "transfer" of ammo within city limits. That ordinance language was deleted in 2014 and replaced with new language that bans sales of guns at gun shows. There is nothing about ammunition at all. Illinois doesn't care. Cook and Chicago probably don't like it, but there's not a thing they can do about it. None of them are going to harass vendors in other states and risk a host of harassment lawsuits. What we're doing is legal. All I know is that Freedom Munitions used to freely ship to Chicago until their name appeared all over the forum, then they magically decided (after 2 orders that I received) that they were no longer going to ship to Chicago/Cook County. Something happened to change their mind.
  10. As we post which dealers will ship to Chicago, aren't we helping the state, county and city to followup with the dealers in a threatening manor if they keep shipping to Chicago & Cook County?
  11. I live in downtown Chicago and placed an order on Friday. They accepted the order and debited my cc account. This is the same process that I went through back in May. I ordered knowing in advance that it would probably take 3+ weeks. I will watch to see if it changes status from "Pending". I really doubt that the order would be accepted if they no longer shipped to Chicago.
  12. I have personally purchased ammo from them and had it shipped to my home in Chicago. One or two of these sites have outdated websites, they might be one of them. 05/14 - I Ordered 500 rounds .380 and 500 rounds 9mm on 04/30 and received a nice package yesterday - I live in downtown Chicago. Delivered by UPS. Good prices and friendly staff. Will order from them again. They do ship to Chicago... my zip code 60610.
  13. Sounds great... just placed an order, received a order number and sent a copy of DL and FOID. Their offices are closed on the weekend so I will hope to get a full order confirmation of a shipment to Chicago. Prices on target 9mm and .380 not bad. Glad I saw your post.
  14. Done and thank you Their website states... ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: Must have current copy of FOID card and State Photo Identification, No sales of ammunition and/or magazines to the City of Chicago. Have they merely not updated their website?
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