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  1. I got my notice last week. Got online, worked through the process. Aaaand, the new card showed up today. I was shocked.
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    Sometimes you get lucky, but, yeah, what he said, right there.
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    Is bare kydex against your skin a problem for you, or not? If not, give a look at JM Custom Kydex. Good luck with your quest. I hate looking for holsters most of anything, moving into a new gun. And online holster reviews and recommendations are usually worthless. More worthless than usual. (Don't care so much for Aliengear, or the hybird holster concept. I moved on to preferring the kydex taco style, with snap loops.)
  4. And I'll weigh in. A progressive press is not good for a beginner. There's way too much going on, all at once, with each pull of the handle, for a newbie to keep track of. Start with buying a reloading manual, and reading the instructional chapters. I started with the Lyman manual. For a good press for a noob, my recommendation is to get a Lee Classic Turret kit. The kit bundles a lot of other things that you'll need. This press can be run as a (essentially) single stage press by removing the indexing rod. With the indexing rod in place, the turret automatically rotates, station by station, giving you much better speed than a single stage. In the "Before Time", the kit would have run you in the low $200s, to which you have to add a die set. No idea what they'd run now, if they can be found. The Pro 1000 I found to be quite frustrating. I gave up on it multiple times. Ditto the Loadmaster. The Pro 1000 has been redesigned since I had mine, and I've seen no reviews on the new version. Looking at the current instruction sheet, It looks like the current version has addressed the frustrating indexing problems that I experienced with that press. I currently have the Lee Breech Lock Pro, aka "Pro 4000", which is a much better press. Yeah, and good luck finding small pistol primers.
  5. I suspect every place is like that.
  6. They are right now, and have been. Woo Hoo! Off line for 2 hours, and look what happens! (as much as someone firmly in the fat old white guy demographics can).
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