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  1. I'm really surprised you were actually able to get hold of someone at the ISP to do this for you.
  2. My CCL status for my renewal went active in late April. I moved May 8th and didn't receive my card before I moved. I'm guessing it was mailed out shortly after and then sent back because my status went from Active back to Under Review and it's been that way since.
  3. I just submitted a change of address for my FOID, which put me back "Under Review" and my status went Active again after 31 days.
  4. Doesn't make it right, but until everyone chooses to drive the speed limit (never), it's actually safer to just go with the flow of traffic. The two 4 lane highway options I can take between Illinois and St Louis are both 55mph zones. Morning traffic runs between 65-70mph. Once on the interstate outer loop in St Louis (60mph), traffic flows between 70-75mph. The people getting pulled over are the ones doing 80mph and above, weaving in and out of the flow, not using their signals, etc. I can vouch for this because I see the same thing driving back and forth from IL to STL every day.
  5. I went through the FOID address change/update a couple weeks ago. I didn't encounter any errors like this. Did you include your CCL? I did not have the option to update my CCL. I moved right after my CCL status went to active, so by the time they shipped my card, I had already set up mail forwarding with the USPS, so my card was sent back to the ISP. I immediately went back "Under Review". A few days after the move, I updated my address with the IL Secretary of State online. A couple weeks later, I updated my address to get a corrected FOID. As soon as I did that, my status for FOID became "Under Review". I just checked again this morning and I'm still Under Review for both my FOID and my CCL renewal, but now I can see the "Edit Name/Address" button under the CCL portion. However, clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything. So if you move, how do you update both your FOID and your CCL with your new address, especially if it's in conjunction with an on-going renewal application? Once I updated the FOID portion with my new address, the option to update my CCL with the new address (the on-screen button) went away.
  6. I went through the FOID address change/update a couple weeks ago. I didn't encounter any errors like this.
  7. I doubt St. Clair county will ever make the list. The people here practically worship JB.
  8. I live in St. Clair county. I doubt they will ever go for this.
  9. The Walmart near me in O'Fallon isn't posted. Nor is Target (unless it's changed recently) but damn near everything else is.
  10. I had no problems doing this from my 7 year old iMac, nor from my laptop running Fedora 20 (Linux).
  11. So can this just be delayed to infinity from countless appeals from the state?
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