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  1. I wouldn't get my hopes up. This is just Kabuki theater done by our local RINObpulicans. I wouldn't get my hopes up. This is just Kabuki theater done by our local RINObpulicans. You may very well be right. However I was just reading a few minutes ago, some of the mainstream outlets are already trying to discredit the company doing the audit because they don’t have experience with elections and that the owner was a trump supporter if I remember what I read correctly. But the fact that democrats have already filed lawsuits there and the fact they’ve sent lawyers, I think 73 was the number I heard that they sent down there? Part of me thinks if people aren’t concerned, then let them audit to their heart’s content since they wouldn’t find enough data to be concerned with. Just seems like people who had things to hide would be the only ones making as much noise as they are.
  2. Well you see right now Arizona is doing a forensic audit of the election. I think I heard New Hampshire was going to do a similar move. As a what if, what if these 2 areas complete the audits and find that the elections were very...inaccurate. One could speculate that other states may begin checking and take steps to reform their elections going forward.
  3. The news about Senators not being on board with court packing is good. Also, this is out today. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/texas-gain-house-seats-new-york-california-losers Keep in mind, the democrats only control the house by what about 7-8 seats? If the elections are anywhere near fair in 22, things could be looking up. Regardless if Republicans were to get the Senate, even if they got the house, they could Hamstring Biden/Harris. The only thing would be is whether or not people moving out of democratic states would leave their politics.
  4. Speaking of Manchin, I think I saw where he said he wanted a more targeted infrastructure package. Oh well.
  5. I understand. Our church is the reason I stay. My wife’s family is why she wants to stay. We work in Missouri so at least I get cheap gas etc there. Sometimes moving sounds like a good idea. I love the area we are in though, small conservative town. IE democrats, but moderate democrats who I think voted mostly republicans in last election in the local area.
  6. Ah, that makes sense, and if you have conservative majority before any action to try to expand the court, go ahead and take the case maybe? Hopefully it goes favorably.
  7. Btw, even though I made the comment regarding permits above, not to say that training is not important. In my opinion, if you are going to carry, it's definitely a good idea to get some training or at the very least spend a few hours at the range so you know how to shoot accurately and how your firearm works. I wish that Illinois weren't so annoying in regards to getting a ccw as far as cost, wait etc. My parents in Ohio got their ccw a while back and it only took I think a week and picking it up from the county sheriff. As far as the case though, if they would rule favorably, then I guess we need them to look at magazine bans as to if they feel those are legal. I know how everyone here feels, but you know it's something that will be coming up considering congress these days.
  8. Would love to see all permits be made unconstitutional but don’t see that happening...
  9. https://www.kmov.com/news/supreme-court-to-take-up-case-over-right-to-carry-gun-for-self-defense/article_8c289f96-c320-5b1f-9a8e-a5c4c5d0b3e1.html?block_id=990844
  10. I say if they get statehood then southern Illinois should also.
  11. Hopefully JB gets voted out. Or would not mind if southern Illinois were it's own state as down here it's pretty red.
  12. Thing with Manchin though, they push him too hard, I'm sure the republicans would give him deals to get him to change parties. Wouldn't the democrats get frosted if he ever decided to change parties on them and the republicans had a majority. Not saying that would happen, but wishful thinking. Truth be told, the democrats probably better not push him too much, he really holds a lot of power in washington if he plays his cards right.
  13. Thing that could be interesting on that, I thought I read that someone was petitioning the court to overturn california's 10 round ban, if that would happen, I suppose a federal 10 round ban would be a moot point.
  14. Yeah I agree about not knowing what they intend to do. Hopefully they if they over reach too fast they will lose Congress. It almost seems like they know they’ll likely lose house and or the senate on the next go around and so are going to push hard for things while they have control. Hopefully Joe Manchin holds with republicans. I know from what I’ve heard he is about as conservative as you can be for a democrat. But on the other hand I’m sure people are working to influence him.
  15. I thought I read somewhere their pistols may not be legal in illinois? Something about the metal's melting point perhaps? As long as things work. I'm not opposed to them. Honestly if you were using a gun in self defense, I'd rather they take cheap ones than a nice expensive one. Ideally I would hope to not have to use any guns at all for defense though. But they sure are fun to go to the range and go plinking paper targets. Here we go, one place that talks about their pistols and legality. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/23539
  16. I think the pistols do, but those seem to have good reviews and looks like you can add on optical sights, grips, lights etc Might have to save my pennies:)
  17. Ok, so if I find something like this for example, I shouldn't run afoul of anything? https://palmettostatearmory.com/hi-point-995ts-9mm-carbine-black-995ts.html?avad=211021_b21137cb5&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=cl I know there are other options, but that looks nice because I could use my existing stuff, but it looks like you can add different sights and attachments to those also.
  18. NFA, I should probably know this, but enlighten me. I am still learning. I'm assuming you mean this? If it's any rifle or shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches then it's supposed to be registered? https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/national-firearms-act So for example, if I wanted a 9mm carbine, which is what I've been thinking would be nice since my pistol takes 9mm, so can purchase one ammunition type, then this would be ok and avoid pitfalls? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/895789362 I know some of them have 16.5 inch barrels. Was looking at that or ones like the keltech.
  19. As far as braces, I get emails about them from places I’ve bought hand gun ammo before, but the thing is for me personally, for the prices of them, I could buy a rifle. So for someone like me who would get my ccw only for personal defense, a pistol brace makes no sense.
  20. For those who got them in 2 weeks, play the lottery. Maybe you could be a millionare lol.
  21. Wow. That's better than when I got mine in just over 30 days last year. That's how the system should work if we must have a foid.
  22. LOL. I was told that I should play lottery to get foid that quick, then had instant approval for my first purchase.
  23. You notice you don’t hear too much about the guy in Georgia as much.
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