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  1. For the last 5 years of the Obama regime I went to every left wing meeting, get together, rally etc. I could possibly go to. Heard invited speakers and listened to attendees before and afterwards. Let me assure you. They are using their Constitutional Rights to do everything to stifle your rights. These are not good people with different ideas. It would be interesting to talk face to face as my impression is that you guys are hopelessly, dangerously naive to the threat we face. There is a question on the 4473. You are asked if you have ever renounced your citizenship. Maybe this website should use that as a standard rather than just any tom dick or harry that gets a hold of a gun is ok in our book.
  2. Mauserme and Lou, do you consider all new gun owners equal? I do not want anyone with a leftist attitude to have a firearm.
  3. Very eloquent post. What you should have just posted was: I don't give a damn what happens. No one on Illinois Carry gives a damn what happens. We can't fix it. You are naughty for asking questions.
  4. Are you just ok with the fact that some people might enjoy being allowed to break the law while the hammer would be lowered on others for the same exact action? Might that information be useful to those lobbying on our behalf in Springfield? I, personally, do not want to know because I am some sort of busybody. I want the information out to the public so citizens can see the hypocrisy of it all.
  5. Quiet Observer, I am not sure if you are trying to be a snarky jerk or just genuinely have concerns regarding the privacy of a fellow gun owner but let me respond. Kim Foxx has a history of using both a racial and political lens to decide whether she will prosecute a person. Do you honestly not believe that had the person been a white, Trump hat wearing, NRA member from Sumner IL that he might be more likely to be charged than a black, Democrat elected official or other politically connected person? Kim Foxx herself made this racial with statements she made shortly after being elected the first time. I am not asking for the persons name, address, social security number, birth certificate and tax returns but a little more information might be interesting.
  6. Rtw5150, really? Well, that sucks. Wonder what the reasoning is behind that?
  7. There is no need for me to remain a resident of this state. Almost all my relatives live in southern Indiana. My plan is to move to either southern Indiana or northern Kentucky. The sooner the better. So how does this work? When is a FOID and CCL no longer valid? My assumption is when I have a valid driver's license from the other state. I do plan to apply for a non resident IL CCL. Do I have to wait till I have an IN or KY resident CCL before I apply here in IL?
  8. I am very curious to know more information about the concealed carry holder. Demographics, political ties, business ties etc.
  9. I assume you are asking me Bubbacs. I have had my IL CCL since 2019. Just getting around to applying for a few others. Curious to see how fast my Florida license comes back.
  10. I applied for my Arizona and Florida concealed carry licenses. Mailed the packets on January 14. Received my card from Arizona Jan 30. Let's put this in perspective. I would guess it takes at least 2 days both ways just for the post office. There were 2 weekends during this time as well. I also had to send considerable supporting documentation to them as I have a non violent, non drug felony from the early 90s that I had Sealed and had my firearm rights restored here in IL. So they had to go thru all that documentation and run my background and check my prints. Then print the card and send it out. Still got my Arizona concealed carry in just over 2 weeks. Amazing. I am very sorry for all you guys waiting hundreds of days here in IL. There is no good reason for your wait.
  11. Congratulations! You probably feel like a whole person now. I certainly did. Did you receive a nice letter from the ISP FOID card division? That letter states specifically that your firearm rights have been restored. As written above you answer "No" on the 4473 per the instructions. I have purchased multiple firearms. My background check never comes back instantly but almost always in two days. The most I waited this past summer was a 5 day wait but that was when some people reported over 10 days wait. I even had an out of state gun dealer run a background check on me. Not only did I pass but this check came back instantly! Makes me wonder what exactly is going on when I always have a couple day wait in IL but not out of state. The rest is tricky. I do not remember if your record is Sealed. If so then you can answer "No" when asked about a felony conviction on job applications and such as per IL State law. I have answered "No" every time I have had to answer that question except for law enforcement. See below. I assume you are planning on working toward your Concealed Carry License. You are asked the felony question again. That now presents a problem. There are no instructions like the 4473 to answer "No". I asked multiple lawyers, the ISP, elected representatives and the office of IL Attorney General. Never once did I get a straight answer or even the same answer on how to answer this question. Fearing I may be charged with providing the ISP with false information I answered "Yes" then the FOID that I just received was revoked. I quickly sprung into action and got it straightened out quickly but still this needs to be clarified with the ISP. I now have both my FOID and Concealed Carry License. Recently I have applied for my Florida and Arizona concealed carry and plan to apply to Utah soon. Once again I answered "Yes" to the felony question. Both states explain that if you have had your firearm rights restored then you need to send paperwork proving this. I went above and beyond with the packets I sent out, enclosing a considerable amount of supporting documentation regarding my conviction, its disposition, Sealing my records and having my firearm rights restored. There is a lot of information here. Feel free to ask on the open board orPM me with any questions.
  12. I have a couple questions. Why do you even need to appeal? You no longer have a felony conviction. Since you have been pardoned and your felony has been expunged wouldn't you pass a NICS background check if you lived in another state and was purchasing a firearm? Once again, you no longer have a felony conviction. How in the world did you get a pardon? Feel free to PM me with an answer to this question. My non violent, non drug related felony from 1992 has been sealed, I have had my firearm rights restored and I have both a FOID and CCL. I never even considered a pardon as I considered it impossible.
  13. Very happy to say that I received my CCL yesterday, April 20 2019. So here is a timeline. Applied for my FOID in October of 2016. FOID denied December 2016. Filed my FOID appeal in March 2017. Won my appeal and received FOID in October 2018. Applied for my CCL in December 2018. CCL denied February 2019 and immediately appealed. CCL in hand April 20 2019. I am preparing a packet of material to send in when I apply via mail for my Florida carry license.
  14. Glock23 could you please expand on your comment. Are you saying that if a person has ever been convicted of a felony that they will not be issued a FOID?
  15. The letter should clearly state why you were denied and what your recourse will be depending upon the reason for the denial. This might be something simple or you might be in for a two year appeal process.
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