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  1. Expired CCL's under review are still valid as long as you start the renewal process prior to expiriation. Carry the renewal confirmation email with you as proof. It states as much on the document.
  2. License came today. 10+ months since applying, 7+ months Appeal Under Review.
  3. Perfect example for why there should be a hearing required under this law. Maybe contact your State Rep? A false arrest suit as well?
  4. I don't assume that all objections come from outside of the ISP. They do the background checks and seem to be denying and objecting to anything at all. The Threat to Others clause is being abused.
  5. Molly, Any change of their position on DUI classe as being reatment for alcoholism? Will a change in position qualify those that have already been denied?
  6. I appreciate that but I think that's the last step if this avenue is exhausted. Thanks Molly for the help. I mailed out my Request for Admin. Review today with all the related documentation.
  7. Applied 1/8, 2/8 Board Review, 3/10 Denied. I also received 2 letters on the same day with overlapping issues. March 19, Board received an objection and will need 30 days. March 19, second letter states objection (no reason) and that the board finds I am eligible and ISP will resume processing. Online status still shows Denied since March 10th, the date of first letter of denial based on "treatment of alcohol". Their defininiton of DUI Classes. Will mail out the Admin. Review Request if no change this week. Call Center is of no help. I thought this is a Shall Issue Law. The Sections of the Statute regarding this issue are in plain language. ISP is turning 2 or more DUI's into Zero DUI's.
  8. I saw my Denial on the digital dashboard, emailed ISP and got a response the following day that a letter was forthcoming with instructions and it came that week.
  9. Not sure how the background checks are done. A common denominator may be they see an arrest in someones history but cannot see the final dispostion of the matter regarding any legal disqualifiers. They may need the applicant to provide court documents regarding such, or in the case of a DUI, the level of intevention and classificaton in the Evaluation Report and any corresponding court orders. I don't believe the ISP is "looking" to deny anyone for arbitrary reasons but want to be sure they are not granting permits on the same basis. Cross the T's and dot the I's.
  10. January 8th. The denial doesn't conform with the Law. Have several posts under denied for treatment. Patience is a virtue, but one that eludes me at times. I'm sure it will get worked out eventually. Like my instructor said, we've come a long way but there will be problems.
  11. I was denied and emailed ISP regarding my problem. The ISP website has an email contact dropdown on the left column. I suggest using this for inquiries to establish a verified communication. Got this back..... Sir, A letter will be forthcoming with instructions. We are still processing applications and the Denied may move to Approved after a final review. Thank you, lg
  12. I believe the glitch with Illinois is that fingerprinting is not required for all. This is the reason my insructor gave for Wisconsin not recognizing our Permit.
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