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  1. Thank you and well done Molly. It is amazing how quickly things can get resolved when you get people to actually look at an issue using common sense instead if just following a script. This appears to be an obvious case of mistaken identity and should have been quickly resolved when the OP first called ISP.
  2. Since these are denials that have been elevated to the CCLRB, I'm not sure there is a way to compare these stats to those of other states. Most states don't have a similar process or review board. Our overall denial rate is FAR less than this--it is below 1%. The CCLRB denials represent a small minority of applications. You are absolutely correct, I failed to look at the total denial rate instead of just the Board reviews. Below 1% is very reasonable in the grand scheme of things. Thanks!
  3. Thanks KWC! While I suspect Dart is the major objector and he needs to be spanked for his BS objections, I find it a bit discomforting that 19% were found a danger to self and community. Assuming the board is correct in these findings (which is still debatable) why are so many unqualified people even applying? Makes me wonder if other states have similar stats for denials.
  4. I live on the near south side of Chicago and received my ammo order from Freedom Munitions. Their website has not been updated but the order went very smoothly.
  5. The mailman just arrived with a white envelope for me! Submitted on 1-2, Approved on 2-28 Received 3-5.
  6. They may have, but they get an F for using USPS. For what the license cost us, they should have sent them via Fedex or UPS. Still waiting in Chicago.....
  7. Dont feel bad I am same as you , same dates and in Sandoval about 5-10 minutes from you and mine did not come either Same story here. In Chicago.
  8. Has anyone seen any reviews of the various insurance policies that are currently out there that provide defense attorneys or their cost in the event you needed to use your firearm for self defense? I have seen several offerings and the cost is fairly reasonable, but a comparison/review would be great.
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