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  1. Not even a little bit surprised by the ruling or the fact they basically punted on the 2A issue.
  2. I'm hoping the ILSC actually does the right thing and strikes the law down... But I have little faith that will happen.
  3. Hmm, nothing like making up rules. Could have swore, that as bad is this BS law is there was no requirement to "register" parts or magazines.
  4. Well, the activism of the judges could help us later. SCOTUS could be more inclined to step in and deal with this as a result of the complete wrong application and/or ignoring of Heller and NYSRPA.
  5. Listening to the briefings again. We litterly could not have gotten a more hostile panel. They will decide against us. Easterbrook and Wood had their mind made up before the hearing took place.
  6. So, realistically. The stay on the injunction will hold. Then it gets kicked back to Judge McGlynn or is it time to appeal for injunctive relief to SCOTUS?
  7. I fear that the court's decision is already made, no matter the oral arguments.
  8. The amount of out right lies in the request to stay the injunction is staggering, but not unexpected. And it's not McGlynn's fault that other judges can't or won't apply Heller and Bruen appropriately. And if this is appeal to McGlynn, the state basically saying "you're stupid, and don't know the law" won't go over well.
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