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  1. I fear that the court's decision is already made, no matter the oral arguments.
  2. The amount of out right lies in the request to stay the injunction is staggering, but not unexpected. And it's not McGlynn's fault that other judges can't or won't apply Heller and Bruen appropriately. And if this is appeal to McGlynn, the state basically saying "you're stupid, and don't know the law" won't go over well.
  3. I don't think this will go to SCOTUS unless our side loses (which I don't think we will). If this gets to SCOTUS it's an opportunity to invalidate every similar law on the books in other deep blue states. If Pritzker really does have his eyes on a POTUS run, it would hurt his chances and anger alot of other Governors.
  4. At some point SCOTUS just needs to say that any law banning, firearms, accessories, parts etc are unconstitutional, period, end of story. These lower courts, twisting themselves all sorts of ways to try and ignore Brown.
  5. Still not understanding how right now this law applies to all but about 1000 of us. I get the whole "named plaintiff" thing. I would think sooner rather than later it has to apply to all citizens of this state.
  6. Is it bad I'm nervous about what the judge's ruling will be...
  7. It was very short. To summarize. Tucker basically said only tyrants want to ban firearms and also highlighted nearly every Sheriff said I will not enforce this. Wilhour said we will not comply, it's unconstitutional and Illinois has bigger problems than guns.
  8. True, but just the fact that it's getting coverage on Tucker is a positive... Oh and the guest is Rep Wilhour.
  9. The segment is on next. Tucker called Pritzker "the Corpulent One".... Lmao
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