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  1. My Dr has to send a copy of the letter in their business envelope with their return address and this "should" move on quickly. I have a dedicated customer service representative too!
  2. So I finally talked to a person and the "real" reason for denial was the document didn't come directly from the dr?!? I had him fill out the paperwork and sent it from his office. Don't provide your personal return address on the envelope kids! Such bs. Customer service is working on it though
  3. Finally got the denial letter. Denied for mental health admission >5 years. I sent an email explaining that my Dr sent the form in.
  4. Ok. Ill hold off sending any correspondence for a bit. Frustrating as heck
  5. It's been 60 business days since I applied. Should I send the "over 30 days..."letter in?
  6. We have completed our initial review of your submission and have determined that all necessary items are present. Your application has been moved to the background review queue.
  7. Molly - I will donate $100 to the site now. I will add another $100 per month if it comes before my birthday in July.
  8. My dr signed the paperwork for me today for > 5 years since being voluntarily committed. We will see how long until something happens. Over/under bets? Lol ETA: Filled out my FOID application and paid online today 1/19/2022.
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