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Private training review with Firearm Training Chicago / CGS


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Let me start off by saying that Thomas (CGS on the forum) is a stand up dude. He helped me organize a private training session for my buddies and I (fifteen of us total) and the process has been smooth since day one. He responded to emails and forum PM's quickly and always answered any question that I or anyone in the group had prior to the class. We wanted to host the class in a buddies place of business so he met us there to check the place out and to go over what the students would need to complete the course which ended up great for any new shooters we had because he provides it all.


Now to the class, first 8 NRA basic pistol..."I'm picking up this firearm, keeping my finger off the trigger, keeping it pointed in a safe direction and verifying that it is unloaded"....alot of people, especially those familiar with firearms would think basic pistol is basic pistol but Thomas presented the information to us so that even those that were familiar ended up walking away learning something new and had a great time. I can honestly say that in all the training classes I've taken (many being a pyrotechnician and in the commercial audio / visual industry) I did not spot one person who looked bored and I've ran into that every single time besides Basic Pistol. I've talked to almost everyone since the class and they all praised Thomas in his ability to keep things interesting and how he took the time to work with everyone one on one when needed.


What more can I say? I learned a few new things when I thought I had it all covered and I was entertained the entire time when I was almost certain Basic Pistol would be kinda dry. Next 8 (IL CCW) is this coming Saturday and all of us are excited to continue our training with CGS. A handful of us are already trying to plan when we are going to take another course from Thomas (I believe it was Defensive Pistol). We're sold on his abilities and hopefully you guys are as well because he deserves it.


Thomas, see you Saturday bud!

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Thank you very much Joe, I appreciate the review. See you this Saturday for day 2.


P.S. I got a big smile just now when you recited the 3 rules!

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