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  1. An update on this.... still under review, inspect element now only shows qc_verified (before it had qc_verified and approved).
  2. Will the expired card be an issue for range time or ammo purchase? CCL was renewed in April and is active.
  3. still says under review. inspect element has shown qc_verified and approved for some time now. CCL was renewed earlier this year.
  4. It's been 2.5 months since I submitted my renewal... old card expired 10/1/19. I'm guessing this is the same deal as CCL... as long as you applied before expiration you're still active? Was gonna go to the range this weekend but an expired card might be an issue.
  5. Ammo Supply Warehouse gets a +1 from this guy. First time order placed at 5pm on a Sunday night. Sent my email with FOID info for a Chicago resident right after I placed the order and received a reply (not automated it was a direct reply) from someone there within 15 minutes saying I was good to go. Awesome.
  6. Does anyone know where Mount Prospect stands on the issue? I live in chicago and a good friend of mine is wanting to sell his Colt AR...the thing is brand new and never been fired...I know that i can not keep this rifle in the city so another buddy of mine lives in mount prospect and offered storage at his place...any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Maybe even some advise on the purchasing, transfering (using FFL), anything that i need to know since this would be my first firearm purchase.
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