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  1. I hear you, but there is an obvious advantage for the left. How many of them were seriously prosecuted for looting or for burning police buildings during BLM riiots (excuse me, “largely peaceful” protests)? Compare this with Jan 6 and the double standards become as clear as night and day. ‘Also, I have a strong feeling that the police will treat non-complaint AR owners like they are domestic terrorists even as gang bangers will be managed by Kimmy Fox’s “catch and release” program.
  2. Let me understand this. So you are driving out of IL and on your way out you get stopped for a traffic violation. The cop also wants to inspect your vehicle. And he finds a rifle case that he wants opened. Let’s say he does open it and finds AR 15. You are going to be taken to jail and charged with a felony, no? I understand the risk of this is slim as I’ve never had my vehicle searched, however, I won’t be able to hide nervousness if I knew I could be imprisoned for having an unregistered rifle.
  3. Here’s what I’m worried about if non compliant. Are you going to take your rifle to the range? Or anywhere? if so, a traffic stop in IL could end up very costly.
  4. Here’s where you are wrong, imho. Uvalde cops were faced with a shooter who showed willingness to break the law, who was a real criminal. Cops would have no issues with busting a door of a law abiding citizen whose only “crime” is possession of evil semi automatic AR 15.
  5. Per my understanding, gun brokers/dealers are exempt from any gun bans. What’s involved in becoming a gun dealer and what are the requirements to keep the license current?
  6. If the assault weapons ban passes, and we can't get the Courts to see things our way, would CA legal guns work in IL after the ban or is the language such that even CA rifles won't be legal? If CA legal rifles will not be banned, then the whole ban is pointless, as the YouTube video above shows, since reloading "fixed" mags is pretty easy with this setup.
  7. If Assault Weapons are weapons of war, the police should be banned from using them. Why is the life of a police officer more important than the life of any other law abiding citizen?
  8. I hope you are right, but I also hope the AWB doesn't pass at all. Not sure whom we should call or write. i'm near Chicago, so there is a high probability that my representatives will be gun grabbers. But what can I do about that?
  9. Problem is, the IL Supreme Court already ruled assault weapons ban of Deerfield constitutional. https://www.sj-r.com/story/news/courts/2021/11/19/illinois-supreme-court-upholds-deerfield-ban-assault-weapons/8685350002/
  10. How would the cops know if a serial number is legit or simply inscribed to make them happy?
  11. I’m near Chicago. The cops here will not be so understanding as the police down state. I believe my only options would be to either move to a different state or register.
  12. Yep you are correct, unfortunately I couldn’t delete my post after noticing that the subject is already being discussed.
  13. What is the latest on that lawsuit you mentioned? Looks like the Court has refused to rule in that, right?
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