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  1. Do you wipe only the exterior surface? Or do you take the gun apart and then wipe? I
  2. What do you guys do about sweat drenched guns? Hard to sweat in today's weather but what happens if you carry in 90F+ weather and high humidity? What's the best practice to take care of Glock and all metal CZ-75SP01?
  3. Thanks for the info. I was confused because there was a thread on this that has been stickied https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46923 Post No 4 caught my attention. Of course it's a few years old, but doesn't seem to be applicable today. Since if you are carrying while walking your kids to school, as soon as you enter school zone/property you are in violation.
  4. Thanks, but I'm confused as some parts don't have a fence. How do I know if I'm on a school property? by staying on a roadway?
  5. Lets say you like going for a walks and sometimes the path takes you near a school zone. As I read the requirement, school property is off limits for CCW. I can only have the weapon if I'm in the car. But walking by while CCW is not allowed? What's a good practice? I'm a recent CCW holder and I am a law abiding citizen, but these prohibitions make it seem I should not leave my home while carrying to stay safe.
  6. https://youtu.be/nT7Qe-prCQI I saw a video yesterday of a pepper spray gun. Is something like this allowed in IL without requiring CCL?
  7. I would imagine that calling Republican lawmakers could produce more traction vs calling the Democrats. Is there a Representative who is more interested in helping gun owners?
  8. How long have you been waiting? Apparently, not long enough. Submitted, without prints, on Aug. 22, 2020, so at 125 days as of today.
  9. Is grinning and bearing it the only option or can we start calling the State Representatives to voice our frustration? I feel like I'm living in a Socialist Dictatorship where my feelings don't matter to the governmental machine. Of course, the machine expects their dues (taxes) on time every time.
  10. Wow, it took ISP almost 5 months to tell you they don't like your picture? I am now worried about my pic because I took it with my phone and the lighting wasn't the best. I thought they needed something to compare with the pic on the drivers license.
  11. Illinois State Police firearms services bureau has automatic message that says to expect the following wait times: 1. Average processing time for FOID applications - 122 days 2. Average CCW application processing times, with prints, are 139 days. 3. Average CCW application processing times, without prints, are 160 days. These are averages so ours may take even longer.
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