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  1. So what would be the next steps for someone such as myself who was within this time frame, and denied?
  2. I am in this group. I was put under board review and ultimately denied. Never got a response back from my objections or anything after the denial.
  3. No, the application does not have to be "Deleted" but you must ask ISP to "reset the application" aka turn the app back on in the portal so you can reapply online. When you call Springfield, they are likely to say "you have to wait 5 years". When you say "that's a lie", they may say "sorry, you have to petition the board to reapply" (whatever that means). Tell them that's a lie as well. May be easier to email ISP, but even then you have to follow-up until it's done. I can usually get my clients' portal reset in a few days, but there is absolutely no reason why you can't get it done yourself - just be persistent and refuse to accept any BS. Expungement won't help you with CCLRB. No, purchase of firearms is under your FOID and there is no correlation. Hope this helps, It does. I'll send an email now actually, and try to call monday morning since I know I need to call first thing.
  4. I'd be open to any legal help too. if you all could shoot some suggestions to my pm, that'd be great. If a lawyer could expedite this process, I'd be willing to go that route.
  5. What specifics should be written in this letter? I'd like to get this app deleted as soon as possible so I can take the class over with a different instructor. Maybe that'll help?
  6. Yes, I was denied. The reasons they gave were for a case that was expunged (not sealed) in 2014. I have missed my window time for appealing it. To my understanding, I can only reapply if the current denied application is deleted. It was also my understanding according to my ccl instructor that the state is not allowed to use an expungement? if any can shed light on that I'd be grateful. Not sure if this matters, but I have an active FOID and have bought two firearms since my denial. Are the FOID and CCL indirectly correlated?
  7. Does anyone know how to get your application deleted off the ISP site to reapply?
  8. Just got my denial from ISP via their website after being under review and presenting all relevant information they required. Any insight on how to go about appealing the denial that's current and up to date? For additional background, I was arrested back in 2014 but the case was dropped and record was expunged. This old case that's expunged is what came up as a reason for objection. I've ran a background check through the city of Chicago and it came back clean. Again, just looking for current advise. Please respond to this post of pm me.
  9. So they accidentally approve him while others who are record free wait for approval. Makes loads of sense.
  10. I've responded to the review board via the illinois state police site. How do I know if they've received my information?
  11. I thought I was the only one getting these letters. You must be under board review too? They need to speed this up, especially if they have the new members now.
  12. Log into the ISP FSB site and look at you status. If it says, “Under Board Review” then it will be awhile. Most are talking a year or more to get through the Board process. If you aren’t under Board review, when did you apply, finger prints or not? Existing FOID or not? But when you say extending this sounds like the review board Good Luck Yeah it says Under Board Review. It's just frustrating because they're not even denying me or telling me why I'm being extended.
  13. Day 153 for me on my CCL, AND I just received another letter from ISP today keeping me in limbo. They keep extending me with no denial letter, only stating they require an additional 30 days. From the looks of it, it seems like there's some tricks I need to try.
  14. Bubbacs I've messaged Molly about it. It's sounds like it's pretty much a waiting game. She said that things should get rolling with the new appointments to the board. I'm actually due for another letter this week. It's just more frustrating because I've purchased several firearms since applying back in February, and they're still leaving me in limbo.
  15. What number did you call for your CCL, and what exactly did you say so I can push mine through as well.
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