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  1. Hey you all I need some advice! Any will be great. So I am currently under board review for my conceal carry license. I have NEVER been convicted of a crime and the objection which you will see in the pictures I post from 2017 I had NO knowledge of this report and NEVER was brought into custody, questioned, or even arrested. Below I have response to them because they have me a chance to respond. Greetings, I am extremely grateful that you(the board) are allowing me the opportunity to be apart of the decision making for my conceal carry license. Firstly, I would like to state I am a current Public Safety Officer and I have been in this career field for five going on six years now. Since this is a career field I love, I have been gradually looking into other jobs to excel my current experience which requires me to have my CCL and not just my FOID card. I am aware of the objections against me and I would like to explain each one of them below. For the incident dated May of 2011 I would like to say I was 17 years old at the time and I strongly believe in accountability for any past wrong doings or anything I might of said that was belittling. Given that this incident now has been over 10 years ago I honestly and truthfully don’t recall using such foul content towards another individual. Again, as I stated above I am currently 27 years old and I believe in accountability and people being held accountable for any of their mishaps and/or past mistakes but I can ensure you my mindset wouldn’t even allow me to speak to or think upon another individual in that matter. With that being said the 27 year old woman I am today has completely grown, has a wiser mindset, and more humbled than I ever was when I was a 17 year old girl. Secondly, the incident dated for June 1, 2012 which resulted in me being arrested although I acted in self-defense I would like to explain the details of the charge. I was currently 18 years old at the time and was currently living in a transitional living program(TLP) which is a program where DCFS, given that I was a ward of the state at the time provides housing to those 18+ who are currently in school full time or working full time. Given that I was 18 years old who graduated high school on time and working a full time job a lot of the other young ladies apart of this program grew jealous of me especially one in particular which will led to the incident dated June 1, 2012 with an young lady whose name I believe was Brittany. On the evening of June 1, 2012 myself, Brittany and two other in young ladies sat in one of the other young ladies apartment. Brittany who last name I have forgotten, never liked me for whatever reason was presently intoxicated and as all four us was having nothing but a neutral conversation it turned physical. Brittany who was intoxicated at the time began to blurt out derogatory terms towards me which I asked her to stop. Brittany then continue on so I turned to the other two ladies that were also present and said I am leaving because I have to much to lose. As I began to rise out my seat and walk to the door Brittany ran to the door and locked it closing me inside the apartment as she continued to verbally abuse me and then become physical after I asked her to let me leave she yelled NO! and proceeded to hit me in my mouth. We began to tussle with one another which causes the other two young ladies that were present to intervene begging Brittany to come from standing in front of the door and to let me leave. From that point on Brittany ran to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife and proceeded to run towards me even with two young ladies in the middle then pushing me out the door and preventing me from getting stabbed, the aggressor Brittany ended up cutting her own hand in the struggle. I then went back to my own apartment unit in tears also in a complete shocked about what had occurred. Approximately, 20 minutes later I was met with police knocking at my door, which resulted in me being taken into custody. Given that I didn’t have any priors, I was later released and had to show up in court a month later on July 2,2012. I feel the police took her side given that her hand was cut(which she cause in the midst of trying to stab me) as I was being pushed away to prevent me from being cut by our mutual friends at the time. When I showed up to court with one witness who was among the four of us the evening of June 1, 2012 the judge called my name, I stood up and made aware I had a witness…the judge then called for Brittany to stand which she didn’t because she didn’t show up. I then was told by the judge “you can leave and that the case is being dismissed”. This situation was a learning experience for me in particular that I use in my day to day life is to not be in the same place as somebody regardless of mutual friends and/or associates if they have a personal vendetta against you for whatever reason. Taking accountability, I could have decline the offer and stayed home preventing this, although I had no idea the turn of events would have led me in somebody’s handcuffs and courtroom. Lastly, for the incident dated 12/12/2017 has me very confused given this is my first time hearing of this complaint or report made out against me. I have never been brought into question regarding this report along with never being arrested or even had to go to court or confronted by an police officer of this matter. Truthfully speaking, and trust I have spoken nothing but the truth to you all in this complete dialogue I have no knowledge of this report made out against me. In closing, I would like to say I am outstanding citizen and I work very hard each in everyday in my career field to protect not only myself but others from anyone or anything that may endanger them. I believe I don’t pose as a threat to myself or the public and will be more than grateful if you(the board) will grant me the privilege of being a concealed carry owner. I hope this response will find you all in good timing and I would like to say once again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have a say so in the decision making of granting me my rights to carry. Warm Regards, Patrice D. Gardley
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