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  1. I contacted my State Rep's office who claimed that they could do nothing other than submit an inquiry. They called me back saying that they were told that my renewal is in the "final stage" of "review" and that I should expect my new FOID card within 2 to 4 weeks. We shall see.
  2. I called my State Representative (a Republican, and one of the good guys when it comes to gun issues) and his office said that all that they can do to help is submit an inquiry. That was yesterday, and I was told that I should have an answer from them by this morning, but so far nothing.
  3. My FOID renewal was sent to ISP in March 2020. It is now 15 months and I am still waiting. I have not had any issue with the "Covid 19 expiration" but it is frustrating to have the State of Illinois be so inept.
  4. I resent their implication that an armed person is a criminal. I’m waiting to see a retail posting which says that legally carried firearms are welcome, but illegally carried firearms are prohibited. No one posts in that manner since they see the obvious foolishness in prohibiting something that is already illegal. But that recognition does not seem to extend to understanding that armed “good guys” make for a safer, not more dangerous environment.
  5. If I recall correctly, there was a shooting incident between two groups of young black men at the mall. I think mall officials think that by targeting guns they can make the mall safer, or more importantly, get their liberal customers to think that they are safer due to this "crackdown" on firearms.
  6. I have no idea if the "threat" of "firearm detecting dogs" is just an empty threat or something real, but if real, I assume that security staff would just be walking around the mall with the dog, waiting for it to react to the smell it is trained for. The security staff are not police officers, and I have no idea what real authority they have to detain, let alone search someone that such a dog would identify. Maybe they just tell the person to leave the mall immediately, and if the person refuses they call the local PD. This mall, which is seen as a "high end" mall with a Nordstrom and other quality stores, had some criminal issues not long ago that I read about, and this new policy and/or signage might be the mall's management idea on reassuring customers that visiting the mall is a safe experience. In any case, I doubt that this sign will change my visits to this mall as the mall is the favorite of my wife, and I would rather patronize a mall that does not respect my 2nd Amendment rights than have my wife go there by herself (and of course, unarmed).
  7. This is not an Illinois issue, but I thought some might find this of interest. If you venture North to Milwaukee, and decide to go to Mayfair Mall (which is the pre-eminent mall for that city), you will see an interesting posting. In addition to saying that firearms are not permitted, the sign warns that the mall uses firearm detecting dogs. Of course, “no guns” signs in Wisconsin do not have the force of law as they do in Illinois, but a concealed carrier who might otherwise avoid detection might well get “outed” by one of those trained dogs. FWIW, I had no problems at the mall and saw no sign of any of these “firearm detecting dogs”, but found myself thinking that I hope we do not see the same tactic introduced here in Illinois.
  8. CCL only. I don't see a need for also carrying my now expired FOID. I guess I could carry it and if a gun shop clerk tells me it is invalid because it is expired, I'll just cough a few times and say because I have COVID19 I don't need to renew it, and he could check me out on the ISP website and see that this is true.
  9. The neighbor that passed away was an avid hunter (I am not a hunter) and I think his widow is hoping that some of these friends either offer to buy the guns and/or assist her in selling them. I was not aware of this when I started the post earlier today but she shared that info with my wife. I am still offering to help out as needed. Thanks again for the advice.
  10. I will suggest that to her, but not right now. As an organ donor his body has not yet been released to the funeral home, and the widow is delaying even making funeral arrangements until hearing from some out of town relatives. I told her when she is ready we can talk about what she wants to do with his firearms as well as his several vehicles and that I will try to help her as best I can. I truly appreciate all the good advice that has been provided already.
  11. My neighbor recently passed away and his widow is talking about selling his guns. She does not have a FOID card. Will she be able to sell his guns through a licensed dealer even though she herself has no FOID?
  12. Plenty of ammo at my local Walmart. But other than for ammo, I prefer to shop at Target. And Target is not posted either.
  13. I'm glad I got my Utah license, which I originally did so that I could carry in Wisconsin (before IL had a concealed carry license). Even now it is helpful when I visit my son in Texas. Between the Utah and the IL license I am legal as I drive through IL, MO, OK and Texas. I also had a NH license but I let it expire since it only adds NH (a place I am unlikely to travel to). I also still have PA, but not sure I will go through the hassle of renewing in person when the current one expires.
  14. Here in Rockford I hardly ever have found any handgun ammo at Walmart. Very occasionally they have had 22CCI at Walmart but at high prices, and they did have some 40S&W that I bought, but it was the cheap stuff (Russian made Tula) that jammed up my Ruger sr40c. Prior to this ammo shortage (now in effect for a few years) I always bought ammo at MC Sports, but I cannot even remember the last time they had anything that I was interested in. And for what it is worth, neither of the two Walmarts in Rockford have been posted to my knowledge.
  15. I haven't been following this thread but I thought it was about Walmart. Maybe some are posted, but the one here in Rockford that I go to is not posted. I go there occasionally so that I can get upset at the lack of ammo for sale, and yesterday was my most recent unsuccessful visit. And it seems that so many of Walmart's customers have lots of bulges and other protuberances so that I could not tell if they were carrying and printing, or just fat. Made me feel right at home even though I am not a Walmart regular or fan.
  16. Since the law says that the listed prohibited places will be posted, does that mean that until they get around to posting you can assume concealed carry is not prohibited? And while some of the wording is straightforward, like schools, hospitals, government buildings, some seem vague like "entertainment venue" and "artistic venue".
  17. I think everyone needs to be careful when signing up for an insurance, or pre-paid legal service agreement. I was looking into various companies and when I thought I found the right one I called them and asked for the names of the attorneys that they would contact to represent me if I were involved in a self defense shooting situation. They were able to provide me with only a single name. When I googled that attorney, I found he was a bankruptcy attorney cleaning extensive experience in wills and trusts. Not a single mention of any criminal defense background or training. Needless to say I did not sign up with that national firm. But based on the above comments I will be looking into Armed Citizens Defense Network, Inc.
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