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They are looking for candidates, on the right


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Found this at Illinois review. 
Maybe you can be effective in voiding the FOID, and stopping the 2A assault.




CHICAGO - Illinois Policy is undertaking an historic effort to increase competition in state representative district across Illinois, and if you're interested at all, they'd love to speak with you. 

While very aware of the startling numbers of folks moving out of the Prairie State, the non-profit group says "We want you to stay and fight!" 

Over the past decade, Illinois Policy argues, there have been hundreds of instances where the only choice presented ona ballot was for a single candidate, often an incumbent. This has been especially true in Chicago and Cook County. 

"We seek civic-minded, qualified and capable candidates that share our free-market ideas, to be candidates in one of the many districts that have been deprived of competition over the past ten years or more," Illinois Policy said in a statement. 

"We are interested in hearing from you even if you have never run for or held public office in the past," they write. 

More information can be found at www.illin.is/lincoln or email Dan Patlak at dpatlak@illinoispolicy.org.




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