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Defensive Pistol Training Class February 10th (indoors)

AlphaKoncepts aka CGS

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Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training is hosting a Defensive Pistol Training class on January 7th at Article 2 in Lombard. This will be a phase 1, 2, & 3 - 8 hour class.

Draw from the holster, live fire. Learn to shoot on the move. Rapid Target Acquisition drills. Shoot from sitting, kneeling and prone.

Approximately 350-500 rounds fired.

8 hour day.

Maximum 10 students.

Learn more about class and SIGN UP at: https://www.alphakonc...istol-training/

Only $185 for the day including range fees.

Feel free to ask questions

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Around the world drill, shooting on the move, reloads, stress inoculation.


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Class is full, see you guys then!

If you would like to be notified about upcoming classes, please sign up for the newsletter. https://www.alphakoncepts.com/newsetter

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