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This probably goes without saying for the vast majority of the good folks on this forum, but I'll throw it out there anyway. It's clear we are under attack. I think we're past the point of holding a grudge over past disappointments, whether it be from the ISRA, NRA...you name it. If you aren't a member, join. Make phone calls to your reps and senators. Donate. Get involved before it's too late.

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I have no f's for the nra..but am considering a donation...they better grow a pair as there response to this well organized with fingerprints of soros response to the mental nut case in floriduh has been lackluster at best....time to engage nra or get the f outa the way and let somebody else take the reigns


That seriously useless tool called lapiere needs to be kicked to the curb for d loesch..that would be a smart start for the nra board to clean up there house..i would also like to see the nra put iut a strong statement in regards to the broward county cowards..seriously i worry about one of those 4 eating a round because of there actions..they need to be placed on suicide watch and immediately terminated ftom employment...rant off..god speed



Click and learn

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