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  1. WTH? Have you contacted them about your TCN? That seemed to be a common hangup. man, i was feeling bad about 1/5 (no prints) and still under review...but, again...have to set expectation that i'll be close to 120 days. but, it's crazy to see some on here approved as fast as 45-60 days! zoinks! yes, do check your TCN...supposed to start with LS or something like that i think??? best luck!
  2. . No one has any insight to answer your question. While Florida might like to have an agreement with Illinois, their training requirements will probably not be good enough for Florida residents to carry in Illinois on a Florida permit. I think Florida requires a two way agreement (reciprocity) and is not likely to allow us to carry there with an Illinois permit. If you wish to carry in Florida, you probably wanna get the Florida non-resident permit. okay...thanks everyone for the quick responses...i'll plunk down the cash and go ahead and apply. my luck...and i give it 10-1 odds...as soon as i'm approved and get a FL CCW, they will announce reciprocity with IL. thanks again all! much much appreciated!
  3. Correct, my quick check is that a FL CCW will also gain Florida and New Mexico (if someone already has UTAH CCW).
  4. sorry i meant does anyone have insight on whether or not Florida will reciprocate with IL....thus saving us the process of applying for a FL ccw. Therefore, saving us $100+ and saving us to have to carry another CCW card in our wallets.
  5. i have utah (and soon be to Illinois - crossing my fingers). was considering applying for FL...but, any body have any intel on if Florida will reciprocate? Its over $100 to apply and if there will reciprocity I could potenially save $100 and ANOTHER card in my wallet. My sincerest apologies if topic/question has been address before. I read the other linky but didn't see menton of FL. Thanks all: 1. for this awesome forum of info. 2. great list of FFL's (that i ended up have an excellent experience with 3. for answering my question (if possible). be safe my friends!!!
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