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  1. Received my ammo shipment from Freedom Munitions today. Smooth transaction.
  2. I live in Chicago. I also called Freedom Munitions. The woman on the phone said they do ship to Chicago. I ordered some .223 about a week ago and today I received a shipping notification email. I've been pestering them on Facebook for a while and sending emails about this, glad they changed their policy.
  3. No I don't. That's a good idea though. I'm in chicago if any local FFLs read this and can help.
  4. This morning a friend received a notice from ISP that his FOID is revoked due to him being under mental observation for a few days. I was thinking he could transfer his firearms to me while he appeals, but the form says he must get rid of his firearms within 48 hours. Since there would be a 72 hour wait before u can take possession of them, what are his options?
  5. I didn't try to have it removed from the app because I figured the sign may go back up. I have no reason to believe it will, I was just kind of in disbelief not seeing a sign. If someone stops there and confirms the sign is still gone, or if I go there again soon, we should definitely remove it from the app.
  6. Just left the Buffalo Wild Wings in on Carpenter rd. in Skokie and I was surprised to see there is no longer a "no guns" sign at the entrance. I have been there a number of times and it was always posted.
  7. Hello everyone. Just joined, and I am totally new to all of this. I made my profile on the ILGA site, but how do I find the bill or witness slip? I saw the link to the slip, just would like to know how to find it myself for future reference. I live in Chicago, and am looking forward to helping bring some much needed change to this state/city.
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