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  1. C Royce Honeycutt Master Gunsmith Indiana American Arsenal & Armory 110 North Wine Street, Lyons, IN 47443 Tel: 812-659-4867 email: warranty@americanarsenalandarmory.com
  2. Once again, get out and fight for what you believe in. Talk to people! Maybe your candidate didn't win. It's now down to Pritzger or Bailey. If you decide not to get out and vote, don't be on here complaining about how we didn't have a chance.
  3. I keep hearing "I want to vote for X as he has more of what I believe in." Next I hear "I am voting for Y because he has a better chance in the elections." I understand everybody wants to be on the winning side, but sometimes you have to stand up for what you REALLY believe in. Rant Over!
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-9mm-guns-texas-uvalde-mass-shooting
  5. The Postal System is about to get upset with me. Everything I get from Irvin is getting marked "Return To Sender", and dropped in the mail box!
  6. I just got another mailer from Irvin.......two yesterday one today! Somebody needs to tell that sack o chit that he has officially influenced my vote. Anybody But Irvin!
  7. I just got TWO more of Irvin's flyers today! He keeps talking about Sullivan and Bailey doing things for the Democrats. Irvin is handling this just as a Democrat would, and I question if he is getting funding from Soros with all the mailings!
  8. New application without prints submitted: 07/24/2020 Moved to “background verification queue”: 04/08/2022 Active and Printed:04/15/2022 Active and Printed:04/19/2022 After VERY MUCH help from Molly, This thing is finally starting to move!
  9. I sent in my renewal on 07/24/2020 and the state gladly took my application fee. Now 19 months later (02/24/2022) it still shows under review. I can't get any phone calls answered, they are ignoring emails, and Molly B has talked with them. Would I be better off to sue the state?
  10. After 89 days, it is finally in my hand! Many Thanks to Valinda and Todd and all those who did the serious work! It is greatly appreciated!
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