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  1. Thanks for the responses thus far. I would prefer to have my current slide milled and not have to buy another slide. It seems having current slide milled is likely to be quite a bit more affordable financially speaking.
  2. Anyone know of reputable local gunsmith doing slide milling for red dot sights? I am in DuPage county and would like to get my p365 slide milled to accept a sig Romeo zero red dot I purchased. Any help with contact info is appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  3. A judge down south ruled this week that the foid card is unconstitutional. Sadly, the ruling only applies to one specific case but perhaps it will gain traction with other foid nonsense charges. May force Illinois Supreme courts hand to weigh in on a case like this?
  4. My wife and I took the green line this past Sunday night from Oak Park to Chicago to attend a concert at House of Blues(also posted GFZ). On our way into the city at one point a male nut job got on the train and began yelling and screaming that he was put in jail wrongfully, etc. Asking for money...Obviously he was not playing with a full deck or high or something. He got off at next stop without incident, but certainly got my heart rate and BP up. I felt completely helpless as I was not carrying at the time due to the CTA being posted as GFZ. This could have easily escalated and who is gonna help you...they gotta get ccw holders to be able to carry on the trains/buses...no such thing as GFZ in regards to criminals.
  5. I just got hooked up with Mike Mcmahon (posted on first page of this discussion by Molly . He is out of the Hinsdale area. Seems like a good guy. He gave me his personal cell number and instructed me to call if needed 24hrs/day. Sounds like he is very pro 2A and is in the process of getting his CCL permit as well.
  6. Got my license today!!! Applied 1/3 Approved 2/28 Lombard (DuPage)
  7. Nothing in the mail for me…Lombard…DuPage county…hopefully tomorrow. Applied 1/3. Approved this past Friday.
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