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  1. If it helps anybody feel any better, after 16 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days, my FOID renewal finally went active today. maybe in another week or 2 I might have it in hand.
  2. Incredible !! Congratulations. yes that’s incredible, as I filed for my renewal on 2-2-20. 16 months ago and still under review. Molly made an inquiry about it last month, along with my Representative. Still waiting.
  3. Question remains, is ISP back on track? I renewed my FOID card back on Feb 2 2020, the web portal shows my payment, and that I am still under review 15 months later. I had a couple of friends go 14 months before getting theirs renewed, so should I just keep waiting , or should I be rattling someone’s cage about now?
  4. Inspect element changed today to QC verified 3/25 Changed to active 4/1 and the FOID number now shows same number as CCL. Postmarked 4/8 Received both CCL and FOID 4/10
  5. Inspect element changed today to QC verified 3/25 Changed to active 4/1 and the FOID number now shows same number as CCL.
  6. Might it have anything to do with 8000 gun owners being at the capital and talking to their senators asking for help speeding up the process?
  7. CCL expires 5/1 Renewed 1/9 Still under review 2/28 Inspect element shows submitted I’ll update when something changes
  8. One thing I thought might have been instructive in that exchange. She's supposed to be the director of these programs. Who is putting the instructions in front of her?Wouldn't I like to see that question asked, and answered in court.
  9. Well maybe now is the time to buy it, as in order to get rid of stock they will have to mark it down as a discontinued item.
  10. And now just to keep the Walmart topic relevant, they announce that they want to serve hunters, and sporting clay type people, so they will quit selling AR15's and ammo. http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/26/news/companies/walmart-ar-15-guns/index.html
  11. Just to keep the walmart thread going, here is why you should carry at Walmart. http://www.break.com/video/woman-in-walmart-hit-with-baseball-bat-in-arkansas-2628373
  12. This will bring a whole new life to the Walmart thread.... http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/08/justice/las-vegas-shooting/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  13. Congrats...Carry On.. Sorry Franko, I was going to wait to do my Wally walk until after you get a chance to do yours, but I got excited and was on my way there anyway, I took off and did it with out waiting. I know your walk is waiting till after the road trip but your time is coming.
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