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  1. what if i theoretically had an old 22 rifle that has a built in magazine that holds 20 rounds it’s bolt action but the magazine cannot be removed it would be illegal? but if i also had a sniper rifle that was used in a world war but it is 30 caliber and is good to 1500 meters in the right hands and that’s totally cool because it can only hold 5 rounds. What the hey!!!.
  2. Does this law carve out anything for guns that were mass produced but without a serial number. I have a couple that do not have a serial number. One is a 22 rifle that was my grand father's. The other is a Ross from 1905 but there might be one on that one but pretty sure it is untraceable, i don't even know where it came from other than pretty sure it was used in WWI.
  3. thank you. Still does not show up for me. Always interested in what is being sold locally.
  4. I just got my card 3 days ago. Cut me some slack man ;-0
  5. Where is that forum? I don't see it. If it is only ten posts I have that many.
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