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  1. Really need to know how to access the illinois carry firearm classifieds. Someone sent me the link and it doesn't work.
  2. How do you access the illinoiscarry classifieds? Where you find the guns for sale on here?
  3. That will work up until 2024. Then the state of illinois will force the secondary market to use a FFL as intermediary for the transfer.But I would like to be able a new firearm. I understand that is my option currently for the next two years till I get this appeal squared away.
  4. That seems to be the only reasonable option. Unlike the average tax payer, the state of illinois and the federal government have unlimited resources to fight against me with. I'm sure they will spare no expense. I can't afford that level of litigation unfortunately. Especially if they drag on longer than a year.
  5. My medical marijuana card was canceled December 17, 2021. It is currently April 12, 2022. I had a denied firearm transaction from a local FFL in March of 2022. Based on the discretionary legal presumption... I am still considered a unlawful drug user. Yet no one can provide the written statue or section that indicates I have to wait a year. How would you guy's handle this appeal? A lawyer is a minimum of $2500.00
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