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  1. for all the bad hype Gat guns get I’ve never had a bad experience there. though as big as they are they never seem to have what I’m looking for yet their much smaller competitor fox valley seems to always do, but then again usually I’m going after the high end pistols my coworker said they accepted his purchase with an E card
  2. until you run into the cop that’s on a power trip, the inconvenience of it and what a tripping cop can escalate it to is just not worth it for me at least
  3. good point, but I don’t think we’ll find out the answer in our life time, Perhaps our grandchildren will
  4. On a serious note, ISP needs to get their dates in order applied 12/30/2021 for CCL with prints, Had an active FOID already. Cook county resident. approximately 60 days later it changed status to “under review” then next day it changed to “under board review” been under board review until I received an email from ISP last week that there has been a change to my CCL application, logged in to see it now displayed CCL is active as of 08/09/2022 opened my mailbox today and got excited when I saw two envelopes from ISP, thinking my new card is in it but nope, one letter is stating they need another 30 days, the other saying they’ve decided I’m not a menace to society. both dated the 15th of Aug E card at least is now displaying on ISP’s site, but I think I’ll wait til I have the physical card to officially carry, but the dates of the notice vs when it’s active and now I have to wait god knows how long to actually get the card… Grrrrrr when I saw I’m under board review I came here and studied the living heck out of everything lol, I prepared everything if I was to be asked for more information or if I’m denied, I wasn’t prepared for an approval cause when I saw it I got goosebumps. this site is a gold mine of information! I’m not sure what exactly is the point of this thread tbh, me venting or showing those under board review that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it’s probably more of a cook county issue than an arrest issue but I couldn’t tell you for sure.
  5. Hanes is garbage, 2-3 washes and they feel like cardboard on your skin. I tried good fellas (target home brand) after 30+ washes they still feel like a cotton tank top/under shirt.
  6. SammysOnion

    Gun prices

    I haven’t been browsing any new guns lately but this a motivational thread to start looking again lol
  7. You’re down the block for me, awesome I’ll give you a call for my next FFL needs. I’ve saved your info
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