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  1. Thanks for the reference point. The Mrs. & I applied July 1st, I won't be anxious until Thanksgiving after it took me 7 months for my FOID.
  2. Can't wait to see what renewal will look like in 10 yrs why my FOID expires...
  3. I would love to see those stats. Probably buried on the dark web.
  4. Anyone know the average wait time these days? Had a buddy apply in October & received his by January. Plus things seem to be picking up lately.
  5. Alright, I need your help today. I'm trying to keep the wife from spending half the day prepping for her CCL photo. Do they still use your DL photo on on your CCL license?
  6. Assuming Hurley had stopped the threat, why was he walking around with the Troyke's AR?
  7. I was wondering about that too. It just says digital copy/upload.
  8. I have a scanner. It's come in handy too many times in the past to not have one.
  9. I'm taking a CCL class this weekend & I'm curious to know, is the online application similar to the FOID application minus submitting the certificate? I've heard of people having a local gun store submitting for them but I'd rather apply myself if it's not too complicated.
  10. Pester the sh*t out of them. I would call roughly once a month or whenever I felt especially ornery. Towards the end of my wait I was calling about every other week. I find it best to call as close to when the open at 8:30 am as possible.
  11. Looks like it passed the vote & the speaker held it open until they got to 60 votes...
  12. I always kinda knew a lot of businesses had ties to china but geez, I had no idea how many politicians were voluntarily entangled.
  13. Is there anything else I can set up besides having this thread notify me instantly? Don't want to miss out on this witness slip.
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