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  1. Hello. I am waiting for my FOID card. The website says that it was printed on 7-19-2022. I have been to Bass Pro in Bolingbrook, Mega Sports in Plainfield, and RKA Gun gallery in Plano. None of those places will recognize the electronic card. I went to Gat Guns in Dundee, and they DO recognize it. They are very friendly also. Anyone have any other places take them?
  2. I have delivery confirmation too. Maybe I should fax my stuff also. I would, if I were you. Thanks for the advice. Should I send everything, all the forms, the letters from people, etc?
  3. September 29th was three years since they received my appeal packet. Expecting a response any day now...
  4. It will be 3 years in September since I sent in all the paper work for my appeal. I have confirmation that it was delivered. Haven't heard a darn thing.
  5. Sent in my appeal paperwork and it was received in Septemver of 2016. Still haven't heard anything. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I sent in my appeal and it was received in Sept of 2016. It has been 28 months. Still says "Denied" on website. That sound like an excessively long time to me. Is there anything I can do?
  7. Hi Molly. I have done all of the things that you listed. I am ready to put it in the mail tomorrow. Is there a way to get it done faster if I go to Springfield in person? This is my first post. I appreciate all of the help that you have provided on this forum.
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