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  1. So checking into the list of people objecting, I notice the Dr’s. Pediatricians etc. I notice a Jill Fraggos signs in for Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and Strengthening Chicago's Youth org. Is this possible? Can I use my many organizations I am a member in to object? This is like stuffing ballots Chicago Biden style.
  2. Even as a last minute pre-lunch ulcer we still beat them in opposing stats.
  3. Done... as we always have for so many years. Until we get a new Legislature.
  4. Do I understand this list to currently be only 25 IC members offering CCL renewals? Does the list identify if they are ISRA members?
  5. Renewed FOID on 10/8/19 Expires 11-1-2019 Under Review 10-20-2020 QC verified 1-2-20 Approved 2-3-2020 Active 2-4-2020 Will be sending a check to the ISRA legal fund to assist in the lawsuit, so others can benefit from mine and all others grief.
  6. Applied on 5-16 with electronic prints Approved 6-18 online Received card 6-24 with letter. Received new FOID card 6-24 with letter explaining to destroy old FOID. Both have matching numbers now. And so ....Hats off and many thanks of appreciation to Molly, Todd, and all of us on the forums who have fought the fight and made the calls and written the letters and posted witness slips, and watched the live feeds of the hearings to obtain our liberty.
  7. Simple question on applying for first time FOID. Can I have my wife apply through mail with picture or does it have to be electronic, and how does picture attachment work.
  8. State Senator 14th Emil Jones, III State Representative 28th Robert "Bob" Rita
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