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  1. Well at least I see no crystal ball in your future. I am frustrated that I still have to make calls and emails to my Senator Emil Jones, who should have resigned.
  2. Applied on 5-16 with electronic prints Approved 6-18 online Received card 6-24 with letter. Received new FOID card 6-24 with letter explaining to destroy old FOID. Both have matching numbers now. And so ....Hats off and many thanks of appreciation to Molly, Todd, and all of us on the forums who have fought the fight and made the calls and written the letters and posted witness slips, and watched the live feeds of the hearings to obtain our liberty.
  3. Simple question on applying for first time FOID. Can I have my wife apply through mail with picture or does it have to be electronic, and how does picture attachment work.
  4. State Senator 14th Emil Jones, III State Representative 28th Robert "Bob" Rita
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