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  1. It seems pretty apparent that the one way to get traction on any number of 2A issues, is to increase membership to such a number that when asked to participate in Witness Slips, we are not ignored. Second would be to have even 80% of FOID holders in Illinois at increased membership, flood the representative that initiates anything with on site protests at their local office. And if necessary follow Maxine Watters recommendation; “If you see anybody (that representative) from that Cabinet (District) [or any Trump supporters] in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” We see how other states get action, time to increase membership.
  2. Must be the summer activities but seems coincidence.!! See Post # 58 on Illinois Right to Carry, FOID and CCL - do you carry both?
  3. Had to look this up as I recall reading this topic before. So I went to look at a project I'm working on in Kentucky and Tennessee, Walked around the city and with all the crowds around the streets I was paying for something and I thought I put my two cardholders and $$ in my cargo shorts pocket. Went to my car drove to the Hotel and quickly realized I lost my card pack that had both my FOID and CCL. Panic set in and after several hours of back tracking and calling one store I shopped, I looked on the side of my car seat and WOW!. I found it had somehow fell out. I attributed it to me pulling my handkerchief out and it pulled it out too. So now I ponder.... Do I carry pix of cards on my phone, carry FOID or carry CC while still possessing a handgun out of state? I guess I lean towards having pix, carry CCL and keep FOID at home. State trooper asking for CCL may accept my dilemma with pix. I can at least have FOID back home. Maybe keep CCL in secured car safe when traveling and if stopped for protecting my family in streets I claim it's in my car??
  4. My experience pretty much mirrors yours: Expired 3/2/2020 Submitted CCL on 2/9/2020 Under Review ? QC Verified 5/6/2020 Approved x Active x HMMM... So you renewed less than 30 days from expiration (I renewed 4 months before) and you get QC Verified before me? So much for pro-active.
  5. Something going on or just typical 127 days virus-shorthand? Expires 6-18-2020 Submitted CCL on 2/20/2020 Under Review 2-25-2020 QC verified 5-19-2020 Approved x Active x
  6. Do I understand this list to currently be only 25 IC members offering CCL renewals? Does the list identify if they are ISRA members?
  7. Renewed FOID on 10/8/19 Expires 11-1-2019 Under Review 10-20-2020 QC verified 1-2-20 Approved 2-3-2020 Active 2-4-2020 Will be sending a check to the ISRA legal fund to assist in the lawsuit, so others can benefit from mine and all others grief.
  8. Renewed FOID on 10/8/19 Expires 11-1-2019 Under Review 10-20-2020 QC verified 1-2-20 Approved 2-3-2020 Active 2-4-2020 All the empty phone calls and all the wasted time thinking did not help. Maybe the lawsuit will help us all in time.
  9. Applied on 5-16 with electronic prints Approved 6-18 online Received card 6-24 with letter. Received new FOID card 6-24 with letter explaining to destroy old FOID. Both have matching numbers now. And so ....Hats off and many thanks of appreciation to Molly, Todd, and all of us on the forums who have fought the fight and made the calls and written the letters and posted witness slips, and watched the live feeds of the hearings to obtain our liberty.
  10. Simple question on applying for first time FOID. Can I have my wife apply through mail with picture or does it have to be electronic, and how does picture attachment work.
  11. State Senator 14th Emil Jones, III State Representative 28th Robert "Bob" Rita
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