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  1. UPDATE: Applied for address change 9/21/21. FOID active 9/24, CCL active 9/29. FOID received in mail today.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how long a change of address only might take. My new FOID showed active in about 5 business days, but the CCL still shows under review. Thanks.
  3. I thought that ISP had something regarding it being a crime to wear a mask while carrying a weapon, unless that was just while in commission of a crime. I know it was a point of contention back when the mask mandate came about.
  4. So....now that the STATE mask mandate is over, if we carry into a private business that continues to require masks, does that constitute a felony? Just curious.....
  5. They most certainly DO have force of law on no gun signs in Wisconsin. Subject to fines and a class B forfeiture.
  6. OP may want to start making transfer arrangements for any firearms he currently owns.
  7. My last two BG checks for firearm purchases took 11 and 14 days, respectively. Nope, nothing wrong here....
  8. I'd say CRIME is a health issue....what have they done to alleviate that?
  9. GLOCK22

    9mm ammo

    Glad I started stocking up before the last election, and didn't stop there.....
  10. GLOCK22

    9mm ammo

    I have a G2, which is the predecessor of the G2C. Basically the same gun, but with the Taurus security lock mechanism. I shoot Federal 115 and 124gr hardball, and 124gr HST and Hydra Shok hollow points. Zero issues, other than some duds when I shot Winchester white box.
  11. 152 calendar days since renewing CCL, and inspect element shows 'Approved' today. No prints.
  12. Passed the 90 day mark last week and still under review. Let's see if that changes Friday when my license expires. It probably won't. I'm at the 145 day mark and still showing submitted. Emailed ISP and my state rep today, for what little good it may do.
  13. Submitted my CCL renewal on 2/7/20. Expires 6/5/20. Still shows under review, but now the expiration shows 'COVID-19'. I did print some copies of the renewal page when I submitted it, so I guess I'll be carrying with that, because it seems as if now they're taking even more time than normal. Still shows 'submitted' using the inspect element. F this state.
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