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  1. UPDATE: Applied for address change 9/21/21. FOID active 9/24, CCL active 9/29. FOID received in mail today.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how long a change of address only might take. My new FOID showed active in about 5 business days, but the CCL still shows under review. Thanks.
  3. I thought that ISP had something regarding it being a crime to wear a mask while carrying a weapon, unless that was just while in commission of a crime. I know it was a point of contention back when the mask mandate came about.
  4. So....now that the STATE mask mandate is over, if we carry into a private business that continues to require masks, does that constitute a felony? Just curious.....
  5. They most certainly DO have force of law on no gun signs in Wisconsin. Subject to fines and a class B forfeiture.
  6. 152 calendar days since renewing CCL, and inspect element shows 'Approved' today. No prints.
  7. Submitted my CCL renewal on 2/7/20. Expires 6/5/20. Still shows under review, but now the expiration shows 'COVID-19'. I did print some copies of the renewal page when I submitted it, so I guess I'll be carrying with that, because it seems as if now they're taking even more time than normal. Still shows 'submitted' using the inspect element. F this state.
  8. I'll second that. Huge thanks to all involved in making this possible.
  9. Update...... Active 6/5 Notice of FOID# change 6/11 CCL received 6/12
  10. Got my letter regarding the FOID number change today, so maybe next week sometime?
  11. I went active early morning on 6/5. I have not received correspondence of any kind as of yesterday's mail.
  12. Probably depends on the mail routing where you're at. I can mail a letter to someone in my town at the local post office, and it goes through Chicago first then back here. Go figure. I went active last Friday so I'm waiting on mine too.
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