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  1. They most certainly DO have force of law on no gun signs in Wisconsin. Subject to fines and a class B forfeiture.
  2. I'll second that. Huge thanks to all involved in making this possible.
  3. Update...... Active 6/5 Notice of FOID# change 6/11 CCL received 6/12
  4. Got my letter regarding the FOID number change today, so maybe next week sometime?
  5. I went active early morning on 6/5. I have not received correspondence of any kind as of yesterday's mail.
  6. Probably depends on the mail routing where you're at. I can mail a letter to someone in my town at the local post office, and it goes through Chicago first then back here. Go figure. I went active last Friday so I'm waiting on mine too.
  7. Wasn't quite sure where to post this. A friend of mine wants to go shooting with me. He does not possess a FOID card, and the shooting will take place on private property owned by his parents. As long as I am present, is it legal for him to use my firearms in this setting? I couldn't find anything addressing this on the ISP website.
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