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  1. Thank you as well - I saw those both and read them before posting; I suppose what threw me for a bit of a loop was that the guidance even speaks to transportation knowingly or unknowingly by a non-FOID holder but didn't speak the question I posed. I guess in the situation I posited, the stowed firearm is still considered in transit, being transported, even though it is sitting in vehicle in a parking spot. For some reason, years ago I recall being told by a firearms instructor that one could only transport a firearm to a shooting range, for instance, only by traveling directly to and from the range, with no detours or stops. That advice never seemed right, but maybe I heard it wrong too. ;-)
  2. Thanks again - it is always helpful for me to read the statute.
  3. Thanks very much. Could you please provide a link to the statute you are referring to? Thanks again!
  4. Can a FOID holder who is transporting legally, i.e., unloaded, enclosed, not immediately accessible, leave the firearm stowed in a locked car and go into a restaurant to eat or into a store to shop (just a couple examples) while on his or her trip? maybe I’m missing it, but the answer to this doesn’t seem to be clear on the ISP website.
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