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  1. How about no denials for arrest alone? Since when did an 'arrest' (or even multiple arrest) and not a single conviction in a court of law become an acceptable reason for the government to revoke and deny Constitutionality protected rights? To endorse or even accept that policy IMO is simply wrong on multiple levels, and we should be standing 100% behind abolishing and destroying any law/policy like that... I can see the abuse happening already, a local law enforcement agency doesn't want Billy Bob to carry a gun, no need to object to his application they only need to execute 5 arrest (your know for serious crimes like loitering, jaywalking, or the ever popular disorderly conduct) and they just fixed their problem no gun for Billy... Continue to arrest him once a year from there on and Billy will never get his license... And this is somehow acceptable to anyone here? Exactly . Not many cops kids have been arrested 5 times . But i insure you more then a few have been caught with drugs . But they leave being denied for drugs to there Discretion . It's all a Sham .
  2. I feel the same way hygmeyer . To many inner city youth have been arrested because 1 person out a crowd of 3 or 4 ran from the police . Police could'nt catch them so arrested everyone else . I personally have seen it happen to many times and has happened to me with my work uniform on and everything . These laws are to help Law enforcment pick and choose instead of doing there job and protect our community . Making a donation today Molley .
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