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  1. FWIW on the 2014 CCL the number they used for the CCL was our FOID number with 14 in front of our number as our concealed carry permit number. Soooooooo following this thinking if push came to shove before this is corrected you might suggest this to an officer.
  2. Nothing in the mail here in Naperville today. Forget "realistic' I just want my permit Years of waiting makes the last few days pure agony! Correct not only years of waiting but years of our elected officials doing everything in their power to prevent it, then stall it after the courts told them otherwise. It will be interesting where the money ends up going from concealed carry. We have already donated over 9 million dollars to this fund with just 60,000 apps. I am sure many of our officials are going to try and use it to fight us, fight us with our money.
  3. Same here approved on the 28th, expiration started on the 28th but no permit. So we have burned through a few days we won't get back. I have not seen anyone with a license in their pocket that got approved on the 28th. I applied on Jan 4th simply because the ISP wouldn't accept my TCN # on the 2nd so it set me back. I gotta think with the license already stamped with the issue date and the clock running on the expiration date they will be here this week. I feel like they maybe were printed and laying in a box ready to go to the post office. Or maybe they just got sent to the printer today or tomorrow. 2/28 was Friday and IF no one worked on Sat, Sunday, Monday (because of the holiday) then today would be the first day they might get handled or dropped into the postal system.
  4. Were you able to find out what the objection to your application is ? If so can you share it with the forum.
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