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  1. Shop n Save in Cahokia is no longer posted!.....These NG/NM cards and our letter writing/discussions with managers, et al...IS WORKING! I presented the asst mgr a thankyou card and told her "I'm glad to be back!." She did not even realize the signs were down....We had a pleasant conversation and I explained that the NRA/ISRA had been complaining about business putting up the signs. She wholeheartedly agreed that Chicago was a different world. Pat yourself on the back everyone!
  2. I know the staff there and it does not fall under that but thanks for the clarification as my experience might differ from other facilities. It is totally 'Independent Living.'
  3. Did the ultimate today! Old folks home to visit my 85 year old mother...not posted and she approves of CCL...the Wal-Mart grocery shopping and then to Aldi and finally to Schnucks. The only problem I had was Schnucks honoring my rain checks for BACON! Went by Metro and walked into their class for CCL and thanked the instructors for their help as I flashed my license in front of the 'students'....rescued my Norinco 84S that has been for sale and came home. Good Day!
  4. Paid: 2014-01-03 Approved: 2014-02-28 Postmarked: 2014-03-03 Received: 2014-03-05 Count me in....
  5. Hey! Anybody want to mug him and see if it works? ​Mine was not in today's mail, 3/1...but am I DAMN PROUD YOU GOT YOURS! YEAH!
  6. UPS has always had a no weapons policy for employees but this is new.
  7. Just had a conversation with my local Shop n Save because they had the sign up. I've been shopping there for years and they have good folks working there. The manager said folks 'came down from Chicago' and posted the sign. He was apologetic and said he would have a CCL as well. We shook hands after a pleasant conversation. Handed him THE CARD...and walked out for the last time. Entered in the data base.
  8. Gave a few out at Metro/Belleville Shooting Range today during 'Day II' Training. Everyone was thoroughly impressed! Thanks again!
  9. Have you though of replacing the revolver with the new Illinois official no guns allowed sign? PM on the way...
  10. That hit's home for me. My adult daughter was unarmed when she was abducted, raped and stabbed.......then thrown into a lake. And I'm STILL waiting for justice!
  11. 1911 Pistols is either defunct or the link is wrong.
  12. http://aliengearholsters.com/ http://www.pantherconcealment.com/ Here's a couple more.
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